GetQueried Helps You Collect Answers To Your Surveys

September 16, 2016

getQueried is a fun new app that blossomed from Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship. With it, you can ask questions and gather opinions on any issue you find to be valuable, while also participating in the debate yourself.


Perpetual Q&A session in your pocket

getQueried oozes convenience, it is debate and opinion exchange made simple. We have all been bored to death by our student friends sending us surveys that they promised would take only five minutes – yeah right… getQueried is built for quickness and convenience, if you want to ask many random people a question.


Collecting the opinions of the world

“We want to empower everyone with the capability to make representative polls – basically asking thousands of random people what they think and getting the honest truth,” says CEO Steven Højlund. He continues: “Many students make surveys for their assignments and spend hours disseminating the survey links on Facebook with poor results. We offer a low-cost way to collect answers from a representative sample of our users. Then students and startups can focus on asking the right questions and not waste time on the distribution.” 


Creating a community

But let’s face it – surveys are just super boring to answer. And that is really the problem that getQueried set out to solve. getQueried focuses on making the user-experience as fun as possible for the users of their platform. Anyone can launch anonymous questions for free, win prizes and voice their opinion.

When posing questions, users can utilize the option of being anonymous and adding photos, to spice up their questions even further. The coolest thing is probably that users can also predetermine their target group, selecting age, gender and vicinity of the people answering their question. “This gives the users a lot of flexibility to ask the questions they want”, says Steven Højlund, CEO of getQueried.


Danish innovation

Partially inspired by a research stay at Stanford University, CEO Steven Højlund came back to CBS to found getQueried. Determined to change how opinion polls work, he partnered up with CTO and former high school classmate Christian Thode Larsen from DTU. The getQueried team is starting locally, with Denmark as a test country, but plan to expand to the USA and beyond ultimo 2016.

Meet getQueried at CBS Entrepreneurial Day, where you will be able to try the app, and hear more about how the founders started their business.