Do an internship in a startup

- including your own CSE approved startup and earn up to 15 ECTS points! (specifically for CBS students) WHO CAN DO AN INTERNSHIP IN A STARTUP? - 5th semester of their Bachelor’s degree - 3rd semester on their Master’s degree This internship is currently only possible for CBS students – and not on all study programmes. Internship starts in September 2018 – duration 3-5 months. If you are enrolled in a different university please check with your study board how this can be possible for you. REQUIREMENTS 1) The student/startup must be approved by the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) by being enrolled in the CSE Proof Programme or be a CSE alumni company 2) The student/startup must find an academic supervisor from CBS who will supervise the academic activities and deliverables 3) The student/startup must establish a plan for the internship which specifies the purpose and goals of the internship NB! Details concerning exam form, supervisor hours available and requirements concerning the academic exam report may differ across study programs. HOW TO APPLY + GET MORE INFO? 1) Apply via this GOOGLE FORM and get loads more info 2) Apply via CBS (either via an elective course code CSE Entrepreneurship Programme or as a regular internship) The objective of the internship is to give students the opportunity to work on new and innovative ideas and business models, and to apply entrepreneurship and innovation theory in practice. For more information contact CSE: Britta Ravn Bjerglund