Co-founder Samy Tessier

I actually had the idea to create this company whilst at work with my current employer: what’s stopping people from investing in the global markets with Bitcoin? I rang up Julien a few months later, and that’s how Clockwork Trading came to be. Now, we’re adding people to our team and gathering interest from the markets we wish to target, so things are looking very promising! More than anything, we’re searching for a solid client base that could exploit the future that is in cryptocurrencies. We’ll be launching our Beta testing at this event, so we’re hoping they will be some interest for such a niche market.

Co-founder Juien Protain

My name is Julien and I’m am the co-founder of Clockwork Trading. I am a third semester student in Global Business Informatics at the It-University. I have for many years been interested in finance and in how

it binds the world together. More recently I became aware of cryptocurrencies which are fascinating technologically because of their global reach which they approach in a decentralized manner. My motivation at Clockwork Trading is based on the idea of applying cryptocurrencies to global finance.

This startup is relevant to my studies, and often I understand theoretical concepts through real-life examples that I experienced through Clockwork. Another advantage is the reverse effect, as my studies also help me understand how to develop a product and how to approach the market.

Meet the team behind Clockwork Trader at CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017!