Anne B. Bendix & Patrick Halford

“Translating technology into business growth”

Taking advantage of emerging technologies, business models and ecosystems requires the ability to collaborate across many different types of organisations, sometimes with conflicting interests. In order  to “talk” and act effectively of it is important to be able to translate the “language” of one organisation into others.



We would like to show you how you can benefit from todays technologies to create new growth, and how you can work with partners in an ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Patrick Halford is a senior business executive with a proven record of creating, managing and scaling businesses across industries.

He runs innovation and business modeling workshops for companies, start ups and business hubs in the Nordic countries across all industries- Patrick also teaches executive, corporate and start up programs in strategy, innovation, leadership and change for universities, and business schools  in the Nordic countries. He is a speaker at numerous conferences in the Nordics. Patrick is also a business writer and has written many articles about strategy, leadership challenges and how to innovate in various publications.

Anne Birgitte Bendix is a senior business executive with a proven record of creating business across all industries. Anne works with companies and start ups, business hubs, institutions and business schools in Denmark’s to create growth scenarios.