Chris Kubby

“This will kill your startup”

If social media and online marketing passion had a face, it would be Chris Kubby’s! Ranked Forbes #1 Business Guru on Snapchat, the entrepreneur will be holding a motivational presentation on how to execute on social & digital media.

Chris has been working in the industry, since the age of only 14 – he started off as an assistant in an advertising agency, by serving coffee and sweeping floors. By the age of 16, he was building websites, and at the age 18, he opened a digital marketing agency, helping small businesses with online marketing.

Originally from Calgary, Canada, he found his way to Copenhagen in 2008, when he started working as account director in the creative advertising agency, Adtomic, working with brands like Carlsberg, British American Tobacco, Burger King and Kraft Foods – real Mad Men type stuff. He left the agency world in 2011 to work in the tech space and in 2016 started his own digital agency – Kubb&Co, which specializes in the convergence of social media, technology and marketing.

Follow Chris Kubby on his blog, where you can read more about his marketing tactics, and see his inspiring videos! And come and meet him at CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017, where he will give you his indispensable insight into “This will kill your startup”.