Julie Bloch Jensen

The future is now

Copenhagen Robots will be presented by Julie Bloch Jensen, the daily manager of Copenhagen Robots, with a background in Ideation and business development. Julie is also in charge of strategy, company identity and loves problem-solving. She is assisted by her great technical team, which includes drone pilot Alexander Rietz, with a DTU background in mechanical & construction engineering, and software magician Kristian Nørgaard Jensen, with a background in data science from ITU.

Copenhagen Robots is a startup from 2016. We develop robots, drones and artificial intelligence. Our vision is to create innovative technological solutions, ensure accessibility and usability in future technologies and free humans from tasks that technology are better at solving. We are crazy and geeky, ambitious without limits and we create the future instead of waiting for it to arrive. Julei Bloch Jensen will be assisted by Alexander Rietz, Mechanical & Construction Engineer, and Kristian Nørgaard Jensen, Data Scientist; both from Copenhagen Robots.