Jonathan Hwaseong Jeon

The Korean super entrepreneur, Jonathan Hwaseong Jeon is the CEO and founder of CNT Tech Co., of where it currently holds around 96% of market share with its food tech platform, having more than 1-2 trillion transactions a year. The food tech platform combines new technologies into its user face, and is in the process of combining AI (artificial intelligence) and voice recognition, making food ordering even smarter.

David Helgason

With a background in programming, David Helgason served as the CEO of Unity Technologies until 2014, since co-founding the highly successful company it in 2003. David. Unity Technologies is now the leading global game industry software and continues to democratize game development and develop technology and business models for the next phase of the games industry.

Mina Jaf

Mina Jaf is the founder of Women Refugee Route, an NGO working to change the system of decision-making in migration policy by including refugee women in the process. She has been named as one of the most influential people under 30 by Forbes in the category “Europe’s 30 under 30 – Law & Policy” #ForbesU30Europe.

Laura Storm

Laura Storm is an experienced thought-leader and international keynote speaker within the field of sustainability. She has dedicated her entire professional career to making global companies and organizations aware of the benefits of improved sustainability practice, and making the sustainability agenda more attractive.
Laura is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and in 2013 Laura was awarded the Global Greenbiz’ “Worldchanger” Award.

Lars Thinggaard

Lars Thinggaard has been the President and CEO of Milestone Systems A/S since 2003. Lars is a dynamic leader with almost 30 years of experience working in both start-ups and large consultancy companies. Lars has a strong business and entrepreneurial background which he has utilized to lead Milestone from a small start up to the world’s leading open platform company in IP video management software.

Nicolai Nehammer Thorsell

With a background in elite sports, academic studies from CBS and his corporate experience working with fields within business development, operational excellence and leadership, Nicolai has attained an innovative mindset and is always striving for pushing the boundaries in terms of innovation. His goal is to create a service platform of the future, leveraging the strengths of ISS, and to achieve this he must bridge the gap between the corporate and start-up environment.

Mattis Curth

Mattis Curth founded Pulsskolen at age 20 and Artland at age 26 and received the Forbes 30 under 30 award this year. While Pulsskolen has become the biggest national private provider of sports camp, Artland has become an established international player helping to connect collectors and galleries worldwide. Today he is running Artland as CEO helping to connect art lovers and galleries worldwide with the mission to lower the barriers to step into the art market.

Jacqueline Hansen

If social entrepreneurship had a face, it would be the face of Jacqueline Hansen. Jacqueline is the CEO and co-founder of Roots Food, a social startup that has introduced the organic superfood, Moringa, to Denmark, and founder of P-noise festival, celebrating filipino arts, music and films.

Tom Vile Jensen


Tom has worked for years to improve growth potential for entrepreneurs in Denmark. And to make it more advantageous to invest in small companies. Tom is director at FSR – Danish Auditors, which members provide a range of professional services to the business environment

Per Holten-Andersen

Professor Per Holten-Andersen has been president of Copenhagen Business School since 2012. With an academic education and a PhD in forest economics, Per Holten-Andersen has a broad focus, not only economics, but also on environmental and ethical aspects of economic activity.

Carolyn Rutherford

Carolyn Rutherford is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Department of Strategic Management and Globalization (SMG) at Copenhagen Business School. Her research primarily focuses on entrepreneurial activities and strategic choices in early stage firm development.

Gaia Dempsey

Gaia Dempsey is the Founder and CEO of 7th Future, a consultancy that partners and co-invests with technology leaders and communities to build and launch scalable innovation models dedicated to advancing Augmented Reality, AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies.