Mike Radoor

“Don’t just think – work for it”

How do you spot an opportunity in a new market, dedicate yourself to it for seven years, grow a huge corporation, sell it, and then start something totally new? Mike Radoor is here to tell you all about that!

In 2009, Mike and his high school friend founded Miinto – an online platform across the globe, that connects fashion-conscious men, women, and children, with international brands and boutiques. After dedicating six years to the company, he went directly to New York and founded the Fitness App, Fitner.co. In New York, he established a team, secured investment, and went back to Sweden to kick start the AdTech company, Ocast – a media kit platform, that transforms the traditional media information, into an efficient interactive platform for sales and marketing professionals. Mike Radoor is now the Co-founder and Managing Director of Ocast, which is currently taking over new European markets by the speed of light!

Do not miss out on meeting this young, successful entrepreneur, who can sell sand in Sahara, when he gives you the motivational talk of a life time!