Mirjam Van Praag


Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics is the proud host of a very prestigious donation from the ‘A. P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal’. The Foundation has donated 40 million Danish kroner to the establishment of an Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship and thus provided CBS with the opportunity to strengthen its research and education activities within entrepreneurship.

With this significant grant, CBS has been able to attract an extraordinary capacity in the entrepreneurship area, namely Professor Mirjam van Praag, who has joined CBS from a position as Professor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam. The goal is that Mirjam van Praag will contribute positively so as to ensure that CBS will become one of the leading European universities within entrepreneurship.

Her research focus is on the causes of successful entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behavior, which she has studied in a wide variety of research projects including the impact of entrepreneurial education. Mirjam Van Praag has been a key figure in establishing the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a center offering training and coaching to young entrepreneurs. Mirjam van Praag is a sought-after speaker and has given numerous talks about her research to very diverse and broad audiences.

Mirjam van Praag’s talk “Women” is based on three empirical studies in economics and psychology about the role of women in entrepreneurship, which she recently performed together with multiple coauthors. The first study demonstrates, based on a unique field experiment among students starting up business ventures, to what extent gender diversity in entrepreneurial teams contributes to team performance. The second study shows if and how female leaders can be strong role models of female employees. This study is based on Danish register data. The third study gives insight in differences between men and women in decision making under risk, using big data from an online card game. All in all the studies show that there are strong economic reasons to promote that more women engage in entrepreneurship.