2030 Builders

2030 Builders is a corporate training delivered through gamification. We are making corporate training entertaining, engaging and fun while delivering impactful solutions for SDGs strategy. We build a hybrid game combining classic game features with the newest technologies like VR, AR and AI.

BeYou SkinCare

BeYou sells 100% natural and sustainable skin care. Allergy, organic and vegan certified, and has been nominated for best skin friendly product for males. Producing in Denmark.


No available hairdresser appointments after work… Rush hour traffic… Long overdue haircuts… What if you could just get your haircut at your office – like massages? And you could simply book appointments and find out when and where the hairdresser is at the office online? With hairpal – that’s exactly what you can! We’re a platform for talented hairdressers that go to companies and provide haircuts in suitable rooms.

Blue Lobster

We started Blue Lobster because we wanted to help fish lovers easily find fresh, local seafood. We also wanted to create a tool to help fishermen sell directly to their consumers.
Blue Lobster’s map core will allow people to easily access information about the location, pick-up times, and types of fish coming into the harbors and sold in the fish markets nearby.


Squarely is a new Copenhagen based brand that is creating simple and modular wooden planters in minimalistic Danish design. The two founders, architect Agnieszka and product developer Iris created an easy solution that allows people to go without watering for weeks.


Trickster is the first social media app for the trickshot community, in which you can upload and watch cool trickshots as well as challenge friends.

Mermaid Stories

Mermaid Stories is a young and sea-fresh studio in Copenhagen, designing modern luxurious women’s watches and jewelry. In love with Scandinavian chic, we aspire to create a curated selection of favorite items that will accompany you for a long time.

Lulu Lab

Lulu Lab is on an empowering mission! We <3 technology and strongly advocate for using technology to empower small communities, children in rural areas and the many others who do not have access to the same digital resources as you and me.

The Creators Rep

The idea is based on the creators need for help with the many administrative and commercial tasks, which are required to get success and which are not favourite tasks for them. THE CREATORS REP makes it possible for the creators to focus on their talent and our mission is to create many more brands made by innovative independent creators, who will get the chance to create for a living.


BlueBenu is disrupting waste management by converting marine plastic pollution into clean energy.

Uni Bazaar

At Uni Bazaar we believe in recycling – and have therefore created this new ecosystem of second-hand textbooks at CBS!

Uni Bazaar is helping students buying and selling their second-hand textbooks. We make sure you do not have to deal with all the hassle!

OP! Lost & Found

OP! Lost & Found is designing a smart service to allow users to retrieve their lost keys, through a keychain tag and a digital platform.


CREZO (abbreviation of Creative Zone) is a young Copenhagen start up connecting small businesses, start-ups and NGOs with talented students who can do project bases work for these. The companies get fresh and creative point of view from students, who in return gain more experience and recommendation for their CV/portfolio, which will later on help them during their post- graduate job search. It is a win-win for both sides.

StepUp Air

StepUp Air is a training solution improving training efficiency by monitoring precisely breathing, the fastest body response to the effort. It combines both hardware – a connected garment measuring breathing and heart rate – and software – a multiplatform app. By measuring breathing, we detect the training zones and body limits in real-time and without using generalizing statistics creating approximations, necessary if only heart rate is measured.

Solekko Solutions

Solekko Solutions’ main focus is our own product, a digital ordering system for sheet metal products. In addition to this we take commissions on both software and graphic design.


Company42 creates business value for patent agents with the first fully automated patent renewal platform.


With PackitUp you can find travel buddies and exciting trips all around the globe. This social network is a new way of connecting with like-minded people wherever you are. You can find and post trips on a map and get together with others on your travels and adventures. If you want to go on a short trip to a sight nearby or on a road trip through a whole continent, PackitUp is your new travel app for finding awesome people and great trips wherever you are!


Fresh.Land is a Tech startup on a mission to disrupt the food industry. Its digital marketplace allow farmers to sell directly to retailers and consumers. The goal is to shorten and digitise the food supply chain and deliver 4 days from harvest with less chemicals, carbon emissions and food waste.

Insight Academia

The first product of Insight Academia, Insight Talent is a software as a service (SaaS) able to find who are the top researchers. What makes it stands out from the competition is its unique abilities to find where the best scientific communities are located, and how to properly expand the company’s network to get in touch with relevant scientists. This facilitates any company’s recruitment process while guiding its strategic decisions.

Let Leg

Let Leg develop fun, active and educational activities. Teachers and pedagogues use these in their daily work with the children to enhance their physical activity throughout the day at school. Let Leg takes care of everything from developing the games to making sure all necessary equipment is set up in an easy to use structure.


Itchyfeet is a new social travel platform which empowers you to see a familiar face in any given location. As a user you will know which 1st and 2nd degree friends are going to be in the same place or event as you, whether you are travelling, or in your hometown.


ConsultingPrep teaches students how to think like top consultants and ace the case interview with the elite Management Consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG & Bain). The platform provides access to courses, mock-interviews, one-on-one session with experts, exercises and practice cases online at


Akademio is an online learning community that facilitates real-life encounters between passionate people who wants to share their expertise and curious people who wish to explore new opportunities and face new challenges.

Taphouse Studio

Taphouse Studio is a start up game studio that creates casual mobile games within the freemium model for women by women. 70 % of casual mobile players are women and no women founded game studios! Women knows what women want, so just like males, we will innovate women appealing game mechanics such as narrative and strategy, to innovate and enhance the game experience for women.


FlexLogical is a start-up company which is designing and developing surgical equipment. FlexLogical has been established based on the vision of saving lives. If an error occurs during a e.g. a laparoscopic procedure, the mortality is as high as 21%. With our invented technologies, the mortality can be reduced significantly and the quality of the surgical procedure will be improved.