Which Entrepreneurial Type are you?

Sweet Sneak Studio will be hosting an exciting – and delicious – activity during CBS Entrepreneurial Day. Figure out whether you are The Bootstrapper, The Dreamer, The Analytical One, or The Risk Taker

You simply figure out your entrepreneurial type, grab a colored envelope with sprinkles representing your type, and sprinkle a delicious naked cake! Join us for a fun activity, which for sure will be the icebreaker of the year!

Passionate Foodies

Sweet Sneak Studio is a creative agency that strengthens companies’ brand experience by using the power of food. 

Authenticity and aesthetics are invaluable to create memorable experiences and we see food as a compelling tool to elicit these.

What separates us from other creative agencies is that we root our concepts in the culinary aspect: 

How can food support your event objective? How can it guide people through the evening? How can it bring people together, evoke emotions, make them socialize and so much more.

In a nutshell, we design and produce culinary concepts with a focus on the experience of your event. Thereby, we make it more memorable, more delicious most of all more special!