Proof Program

From Idea to Business

Proof Of Idea

Develop and test your idea

Proof of Idea is a tool that you can use when you develop your idea and test its potential.

Simple questions and call-for-action guide

Simple questions and calls-for-actions guide you through your idea and prepare you for next step in developing your idea into a sustainable business

Download Proof Of Idea Document

Download and fill out the document to get an overview of your startup.
When ready, send your document to
Britta Ravn Bjerglund 

Download Proof-Of-Idea

Proof Of Concept

How far can you take your idea in 3 months?

Together we start out by setting ambitious and realistic goals for your Proof of Concept

Prove that your concept is viable.

In Proof of Concept you test the feasibility of your idea and take action to prove that your concept is viable e.g. through prototyping, customer traction or engaged partnerships

Stay another three months at CSE

Proof of Concept is a 3-month program facilitated, and hosted at CSE where you are offered office facilities, workshops and access to professional experts, mentors and coaches.

Proof Of Business

Turn your concept into business

After proving the concept of your idea, it's time to turn it into business

Stay at CSE another six months

Teams, who have proved their concepts, can extend their stay in CSE Lab in for another 6 months where they are offered office facilities, business development, training, workshops, mentoring, coaching and access to investors.

Get support from professionals

In Proof of Business, you have the opportunity to develop your business with support from professional developers and peers while keeping operational expenses at a minimum in order to be able to focus on creating a sustainable business.