Why research at CSE?

Despite the huge volume of CSE-based startups, very little is known about how entrepreneurs’ time and efforts are allocated across various tasks and challenges. We will develop a comprehensive catalogue and visually map the entrepreneurial activities of each startup in terms of the development of their business model, recruitment of team members, learning about customers (see figure 1). This will give insight into; what types of activities entrepreneurs are focusing on and when in the startup development process, what similarities and differences are there among founders and startups at CSE and how can CSE tailor their program to support the startups even more.

As well as a monthly survey, the research will also include interviews with founders to gain more in-depth knowledge about their journey as an entrepreneur. Thereby, we also hope that the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to reflect on their role as a founder and the development of their startup over time. In a broader sense, the results will contribute valuable knowledge and insights for CSE, future startups, CBS and the wider entrepreneurial community.

How do entrepreneurs differ

Figure 1 provides an example of a cross-startup comparison in terms of how much time Firm A vs Firm B vs Firm C spends on business model- and customer-related activities. As can be seen, the concentration of efforts differ from firm to firm. What impact does this have on how their firms develop? Do they change their decision-making activities over time? We look forward to sharing our findings with you as they unfold.

We can develop a taxonomy for each firm and help connect the firms that are facing the same challenges as each other. But this can also happen backwards. They can see who faced similar challenges two months ago and talk with them to gain an understanding of what they should do, or not do, based on the other’s experiences.

Prof. Toke Reichstein, Academic Director at CSE