Every year hundreds of new businesses start their journey at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). As a start-up online travel magazine, we at RejsRejsRejs.dk participated in the CSE program until January this year. Appreciating the network and business opportunities that CSE provides, many of the activities fostered close relationships and sparked ideas with other entrepreneurs. For instance, the program paved the way for fruitful cooperation with the newly founded travel agency Above Borders, another CSE start-up, which specializes in travels to North Korea. In that way, we consider the CSE program to be all about mutual benefit; while we are able to use the resources and offerings from the start-up hub, we, in turn, support the other companies by opening up our own networks and helping out when possible.

The entrepreneurial coaching that we received in the incubation period was crucial for our journey. Thanks to the support of the program’s business development consultants, we were able to clear the first hurdle on our quest to the top of Denmark’s online travel publications: defining our core product.

Fast forward to autumn 2019, when our company was not only chosen to be a partner in an intensive start-up program, AKA Startup, but also managed to successfully complete the quest and come out on top. RejsRejsRejs.dk is now Denmark’s number one online travel magazine and reaches more than 325,000 readers per month via our 10 channels.

“We are utterly proud of accomplishing this key milestone within only two years.”, Jacob Gownland Jørgensen

As a new partner company in the AKA start-up accelerator program, our journey continues since the partnership includes both new responsibilities and opportunities; We talk to new entrepreneurs on a daily basis and typically recommend the CSE program as an excellent incubator for new business ideas and future expansion. While AKA and CSE have quite different target groups, CSE is focusing on supporting entrepreneurs in the grueling early stages of starting and building a business. It’s something we found very helpful when we embarked on our life-changing adventure. An adventure that we recommend anyone to try out as part of their student or work-life at least once.


For further information, contact CEO and co-founder, Jacob Gowland Jørgensen at jacob@rejsrejsrejs.dk

READ HERE more information in Danish about the company and HERE in English.