Testing, testing, testing… This is the phase where Plantybox is at right now.

It has been a really long walk until the Plantybox team finally decided that it’s time to dive into testing ideas in the real world. Our idea has been in the process of development for a longer period of time. As with all ideas, it was necessary to first sit down and discuss all the aspects of the idea and what needs to be done. After establishing what the products might look like, we started with an online market research of competitors, trends and figuring out the whole supply chain.  It sounds like an easy job, however, this phase sometimes takes the longest period for a number of startups. And many of them are actually stuck in this phase and cannot get out of the circle of never ending discussions and looking for more and more information.

Every person you meet while you are working on a startup idea asks you whether you have already tried the product with actual customers or it is still just an idea in your head. And Plantybox was one of the cases where everything was happening hypothetically until the circle was broken by finally saying goodbye to all the sitting in the office and getting out there.

It is not easy and sometimes a bit scary. All your ideas are turning into real products that are tried and judged by your potential customers. On the other hand, you learn so much from it compared to your online research. You get so many useful and crucial information by offering the product to your potential customers who try the product in front of you and you can see their reaction and get a real feedback to your work.

It is really necessary to get out there and see what works and what does not. Just during the first testing day, we found out a number of things that needed to be improved, so the next testing could bring better results.  And with all this testing, failures, analysis, improvements, you are getting closer and closer to the almost final picture of your product. The word almost is used, because you can and want to improve your product all the time, but at some point, you need to say enough and actually try it out.

So, just get out there and see whether the idea you work on so hard, has actually a potential and is able to satisfy the market and the customers. If not, adjust and improve, but this is the whole point of the testing.

Every startup is different and is facing various challenges. This might not be the most suitable approach for everyone, but this is how Plantybox is doing it and as they are saying, we learn based on our own mistakes, right?

Just some small tips that we learned on the journey:

  • Listen to your gut. If you are not happy with what you do and where you are heading, do not do it. Your dissatisfaction will be seen in your work and it will not bring you where you hope to get until you do something for it.
  • Be open to the ideas of others, you do not know where and when you can get an inspiration. It is always really good to listen and talk to as many people as possible because you never know who has the answer for a problem that you are trying to solve for a long time.

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