Limelight Music is the music streaming app for discovering new music. We focus exclusively on up-and-coming artists. The goal of the Limelight platform is to create an environment that ensures that you actually get discovered as a talented artist.

Limelight Music will make it easier for musicians and listeners to find each other – our algorithm automatically pairs them based on the listener’s music taste.


Why are we doing this?

We’re aiming for bringing the power back to the listeners. We do not believe record labels should control what people should listen to. Therefore, we are making a democratic platform where the listener’s’ opinion entirely controls what’s “trending” on the platform.

We have experienced multiple artists struggle with being heard and discovered. It does not happen today for the simple reason that the relevant listeners are not automatically directed to upcoming music on platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify.

This is why we took it upon ourselves to create a platform where listeners can easily be exposed to up-and-coming music that matches their tastes. The app learns the listener’s music taste, and then pairs listeners with relevant artists. With just one click, a listener on Limelight can discover the next major breakthrough artists. The app is free and without annoying ads.


Call for artist uploads!

While we’re working on developing the app for the listeners, we have already opened for artists to upload their tracks on the website. It’s completely free and you keep all of the rights to your music. Read more about the many perks of uploading to Limelight here. If you’re a music lover and wants to give back to music community by using Limelight – give us a like and follow on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll update you all on app progress, festivals and exciting artists to look out for.


The team

The Limelight team consists of 9 people from the IT University of Copenhagen, RUC, a former student from Den Rytmiske Højskole and Aalborg University. The company was founded in the summer of 2016.

Meet Limelight Music at CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017!