Mermaid Stories: Modern Pearl Jewelry


“Our vision is an entire Mermaid Stories universe”.

The young Danish company Mermaid Stories designs watches for women and jewellery in gold, silver and gold plated sterling silver. It was founded by Victoria Weber and launched its first watch collection in November 2016. While Mermaid Stories started as a direct-to-consumer brand only, the brand’s products are now also available at a growing number of retailers.

But how did the process of developing the first products go?

“It took a very long time to get from the idea to the final watch”, says Victoria. “Actually, much longer than expected.”
Especially the leather, which should be vegetable tanned and come in beautiful colours, was difficult to find. “I had to travel around for that quite a lot”, Victoria says – but the long process and the perfectionism paid out since the customers are really happy about the soft leather which partly comes from organic farms. “Our customers like that it is not so stiff and really light to wear from the start.”

This year, Mermaid Stories also expanded into jewellery, a move that had been requested by many customers. “We always heard questions about which products we would launch next”, Victoria laughs. “And there are actually more products coming that are already in the planning. Our vision is an entire Mermaid Stories universe”.

For the company’s first jewellery collection, the design should reflect a mermaidy, playful, yet elegant look, as she explains it. “Often, pearls are seen as something very classy, for some people even ‘oldschool’, so we wanted to give our pearl jewellery a modern touch.” A fine piece of jewellery usable for both day and going out in the evening, so it would also appeal to a younger customer. One style of pearl earrings, for example, looks like fresh grapes swirling around your ears.

“Currently we only work with freshwater cultured pearls in natural colours”, explains Victoria. “They are great because of their nice shapes, with soft colours like peach and dusty rose. And there are so many more possibilities out there. We have really only just started.”

What recommendation would she give to other entrepreneurs starting with a physical product? “Everything takes much longer than expected”, Victoria says. It still takes the mermaids quite some time until a product is ready, even though they have more experience in it. “Just as in the beginning, it is a long process which many entrepreneurs underestimate. It really takes time to make a product good.” She smiles. “But it is definitely worth it.”

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