We’ve sunk countless hours into developing our product and company. Despite the product coming along nicely we are still primarily students.

In September 2017 we wanted to try our hand at developing a software solution for the construction sheet metal industry. It has now been a year since we started working on our business idea. In that time, we won a business idea competition, met so many people who helped us develop our idea into a product, and started a company. More importantly, we’ve sunk countless hours into developing our product and company. Despite the product coming along nicely, we are still primarily students.

Balancing studying and entrepreneurship hasn’t always been easy but fortunately for us, the Oulu University of Applied Sciences has allowed a lot of flexibility in our studies. We’ve been able to integrate entrepreneurial studies into our studies and gain extra credits that way. It has still been an extra workload for us and free time has been short. It isn’t always easy, but the long days (and sometimes nights) have paid off. At the end of a long day, the relaxing feel all the better. And what an experience it’s been!

Late last year we got to work with the Smart Construction Cluster and we gained a lot of insight into how technology has been applied in the construction industry and how it will be used in the future. We got to validate our product with industry professionals, got a lot of feedback and improvement ideas, and got a lot of motivation to improve and work on our idea.
Now we’re slowly coming to the point where we have something to show for the past year of work. The CBS Entrepreneurial day is the first opportunity for us to show what we’ve been working on for people outside those involved in the development and early feedback.
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