Many people want to find their purpose in life and become successful – but it rarely becomes a reality. I have often asked myself why. Why don’t people just go for it? After I become an adult I figured out why.

I grew up in the south of Fyn, Denmark. I was the weird stupid kid in the corner of the classroom. I didn’t have many friends and I felt completely misplaced in my school. I told my father that I felt different, and he answered “All successful people are different – if they were like everyone else, they would not stand out from the crowd. If we all think the same way, the world will not change”. That was the moment which made me care less about what other people thought of me.
When I started at university, people hated working in groups with me, because I did things way different than our teacher told us to do. I thought it was a good idea to stand out and show them that things could be solved in a different way – until I went to the exams. I began doubting what my father told me until I got my first job as a student assisting a company that makes electronic locks for homes. My job was to help develop their new product, and I remember the CEO of the company telling me that the product had to be different from the competitors’, otherwise we would not get noticed on the market. That was the first time I experienced what a gift it can be to be different.

A couple of years later I was hired by another company as a development engineer. The companies had been running for some years but had not made any profit. I suggested we changed our approach, so we could get the product to market faster, and the only response I got was that I wasn’t in a position to say such a thing. That was the moment I knew I had to run my own business and become an entrepreneur.
I quit the job to start my own company with a friend, but we quickly realized we did not have the money to make it a reality, so I just returned to the labour market again. I applied for a job at a medical device company and got to the interview. A senior businessman called me into a meeting room, and he began telling about his story as a young entrepreneur, and I was blown away. I didn’t care what I had to do; I just had to work together with this man. So I worked my ass off for one and a half year, and he suddenly asked me if I wanted to be the CEO of the company, and I, of course, said yes. Now, two years later, we have founded a new medical device company called FlexLogical, which is going to be the greatest medical device company in the world. I believe all this has happened because I accepted to be different and stand out from the crowd, and I can only encourage young entrepreneurs to do the same.


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