If your idea fails, it is not just okay – it’s amazing! Perhaps not in the moment, but it will grow you as a person, and when one door closes, another one opens 

And not just that, you gotta do stuff that most other people wouldn’t do because they might think it’s embarrassing, or that they’re overqualified, or some other reason to stay in the good old comfort zone.

Doing that sets you apart. Makes you different from the lot. After all, a thousand people probably had the same brilliant idea as you, so that part is not special. Execution, as they say, is what matters. But what does it really mean? Following a number of textbook steps? It might, but probably not, because then at least one of the thousand people with the same idea would have unicorned the shit out of your idea already.

We think that execution is putting yourself out there. Out of the comfort zone. We have often found that the stuff that really pushes the business forward, isn’t always pleasant to do. That’s a good thing! If something isn’t pleasant to do, then fewer people are probably doing it. This means that the impact is much greater and it’s your opportunity to execute better and faster than the other thousand eager entrepreneurs with your idea.

When we were looking for companies to try out our pre-beta version, we had to think a little different and for a cheap and not crowded space to reach end users. We came up with the idea to go to the parking lots in industry parks and put a flyer designed by ourselves in all the windshield of all the cars.

We learned a few things that day… like it sucks to get kicked off a parking lot… like putting 1000 flyers under the whiskers of 1000 cars in January is pretty cold… like it sucks to get a call from a partner at a large accounting firm, thinking that we just got our first large customer, when it was actually a five-minute-long description of how we should stay the f… away from their parking lot…

BUT also, that no one else was doing it and it gave us a lot of traffic and important leads that got us the customers we needed to test our idea… We made a decision that day to use the comfort zone hack as much as possible. To go where it is less crowded. To pick up the phone and start dialling. To knock on doors. To tell everyone that hairpal is the next big thing.

We also learned that getting kicked off a parking lot with our questionable self-designed flyers beats a regular nine to five because we are entrepreneurs and we love our company – hairpal!

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