What do 2030 Builders do?

2030 Builders, is a digital innovation tool that is helping companies to independently innovate and impact with the SDGs.

Can you tell me about yourself and your business?
We developed a gamified tool which the companies can use in teams in any department, to understand how they can work with the SDGs and how they can discover their unique business potential within the SDGs.

Why did you start your business?
I co-founded 2030 Builders together with my sister because we both have a passion for making the world a better place. Our educational backgrounds are in business, me from CBS International Business and Politics with a minor in sustainability, and hers in Social Entrepreneurship and Management, with a speciality in Impact Investing. We combined our expertise, passion for sustainability, and desire to enact change, which resulted in the creation of our product that helps companies transition towards sustainable practices. 

Mia and Gabriela and sisters and founders of 2030 Builders

What have you achieved with the company so far?
We’ve launched our facilitated MVP in March, and right now we have a product ready for facilitation inside companies. We are still working on our software as a service version of our product which will empower companies to engage in the SDG impact play on their own. Our plan is to scale up and enable companies worldwide to innovate with sustainability goals, not only within Denmark. 

Why do you think sustainability is important?
Sustainability is important because it needs to become the norm. There’s a lot of buzz about it due to society feeling pressed by climate change, natural disasters, and the limited resources that we started finally to acknowledge. Because of the negative impact, people have made, both on the environment and society we now experience the pressure. Hopefully, we will transition, by 2030, to a society which, there is less talk about sustainability and how to become sustainable. This is because sustainability will be the norm. Everybody will only think in a sustainable manner when they do any action or business in their daily lives like designing a service or product. Changing the norm to be sustainability is not an option at this point.

How is your product or service sustainable?
When we started with the idea of creating something gamified we thought about doing something digital, and not just the board game in on cardboard. So the product is sustainable because it’s digital. It also takes into account how to how to use sustainability to the maximum. 

What makes it unique?
Our unique selling proposition is that our product is a fast track to sustainability. It’s enabling companies to do it internally rather than spend time on a consultant and wait for a solution. There’s no data disclosure necessary, and all work is done inside the company themselves since they know best. Another unique selling proposition is the unlimited possibilities it brings. It’s customizable in which a company can start working whichever goal they want and empower all its departments to choose what goals make the most sense for each team to act upon. There is an abundance of opportunities to find new ideas for products and services, and it’s up to the imagination of employees to discover them. 

How is your service connected to the SDGs and which ones?
Our overall mission taps into SDG 8 decent working economic growth, because we want to make economic growth more sustainable. And of course, decent work contributes to social sustainability. We empower companies to report on their sustainability practices so they can reflect on how to improve. We look into all of the goals and we try to simplify the process so that the companies can find it easy to identify which ones which goals are relevant for them, and which ones they should work towards. So we help facilitate the impact of the SDGs chosen by our clients choose to work with. But we are promoting all goals equally.

What are your next steps for making the company greener?
We are looking at how we can improve our inside practices. More sustainable doesn’t necessarily means mean greener, of course, right now we are a startup. And we have to print also for our iteration purposes, but we’re transitioning now to stone paper for our promotional materials and business cards, and everything that we printed out. In addition more sustainable will also mean monetizing more so we can actually pay to people that are working with us. Right now we have a lot of interns and we want them to feel both rewarded by the change we make in society and environment but also by remuneration. 

Do you have any tips for other companies to work with sustainability?
Work with us 🙂


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