Lokalist: Ensuring a more sustainable use of smartphones


Today, smartphones are some of the most inefficient items ever produced in our history. Not only do they require various metals that are toxic and damaging to extract from the earth, such as Neodymium, dysprosium, praseodymium, and terbium, as a society we are extremely bad at consuming them responsibly.



On average less than 9% of all smartphones get disposed of properly, and most are decommissioned early for the next best upgrade well before they have been used to their full potential.

It is estimated in 2019 we will produce over 2 Billion new devices, and our mission at Lokalist is to ensure more sustainable use of each device that users are tossing aside for their new upgrades by making it easy and profitable to up-cycle your used electronics. In our launch market of Denmark, 25.000 tonnes of e-Waste (or about 22.5 Kilos per Dane) is generated each year. This waste is often difficult and toxic to recycle properly, and in the case of smartphones is extremely inefficient since 90% of the energy consumed by a smartphone happens during its production.

With Lokalist, in just a few clicks, we help our users determine a fair market price for their device if they wish to sell it on a site like Craigslist, DBA or Facebook. We also help them compare companies such as Bluecity, Datamarked, or Phonetrade that offer to buy their device instantly so they can easily compare the different interested parties without the hassle of selling privately.

Think of us like Pricerunner but in reverse, because where they help users compare the best places to buy something new. We help users compare the best places to sell something used.

On September 26th, of this year you can meet the founders of Lokalist as well as other like-minded entrepreneurs, business professionals, investors, and speakers, at this year’s CBS Entrepreneurial Day which focuses on the innovative power of student startups working with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The event is free and open to anyone fascinated by sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. Get on the green path and be a part of a more sustainable future! We hope to see you there.


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