Mcon: The story about the new process we implemented on our system


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Today I am going to tell you a bit about the new process we implemented on our system for our largest customer. You could say this has been a breakthrough point for both us and the company, which really proved to us that what we do is truly valuable to our customers as well as the environment.

In short, this customer is a large Danish painting company which operates all over Denmark painting up to 45 houses a month. Each house is split into 6 phases, which all have to be closely monitored by their managers. Since their offices are in Nykøbing SJ., Holbæk and Middelfart you can imagine the amount of time, effort, and fuel that is being used every day to go to every location in person.

A few months ago, we were presented with this problem by our customer and asked for an integrated solution. At the time we were far from sure how to standardize this process and integrate it into already existing processes in their system, but we decided to take up the challenge with their full trust and support.

Flash forward a few months and we had, after several rounds of testing, modification, and countless redoes, deployed our final solution. Though setting this up and getting people to actually use it was far from easy, the final compliments and rise in efficiency were extremely rewarding. Not only did they save countless hours each week by using their new reporting and communication tool, but they also noticed something nobody thought about minimizing. FUEL COSTS! After two months of using their new reporting tool, the incoming invoices for fuel dropped significantly. Even though our customer didn’t exactly think in these terms, we saw a great opportunity. We had always thought to ourselves that we were a business process management and automation company whose only purpose was to cut down cost and time for our customers, but this project brought to light a whole new place for value creation in our services. That is something we came to call “Internal environmental optimization”. We realized that optimizing your business process in a traditional manner was not enough and could be done hand in hand with working towards environmental friendliness. And this is definitely something that we push forward to our customers.

We are happy to integrate this way of thinking into our everyday work and are looking very much forward to starting our next project aimed at implementing 100% paperless internal and external communication.

Furthermore, we believe that education and background do not determine success in life, rather it is determination and hard work. This is why we are currently in the process of receiving 750.000 DKK in funding from EU for a recruitment campaign targeting young, unemployed, and without extensive education in rural areas of Romania with high unemployment rates.

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