Tribe Takeaway: Zero Hunger, the world’s greatest solvable problem

The social takeaway experience – order a meal to share a meal with a starving child.

Even though humans produce enough food to feed the entire planet, still 16 million children risk dying from starvation and right now 3 million children die of starvation on a yearly basis – this means, that one child dies every 10 seconds.

Do more, do right, do impact. Tribe Takeaway believes in the power of connecting people and the power of sharing, and that is why the core concept is “Order a meal to share a meal”. By ordering at Tribe Takeaway a child automatically receives a nutritious meal. The meals are being distributed to the children by the United Nations World Food Programme, who typically receives fortified biscuits or other food not requiring cooking if they are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition. In more stable situations the meals can be school meals to children in the form of breakfast, lunch and additional take-home rations. Our focus is on children as they become undernourished faster than adults meaning they are at a much higher risk of dying from starvation.

To do more, to do right, to do impact, Tribe Takeaway’s purpose is to help end world hunger by bringing the world closer together, as one tribe, saving children meal by meal.


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