Uninets: A note sharing and tutor platform

A note sharing and tutor platform for university students.

Education as we know it. The hundreds year old institutes. The political and economic systems behind it. The history of those privileged to attend it, and those not so fortunate. It is all changing as we know it. Is it changing for better or for worse? One might argue for both sides.

On the one hand, we have never had more girls in school, across the globe. We have never had as high attendance for the third world countries. We’re seeing a paradigm for a more equal world, of equal opportunities than ever before. But then on the other hand… We still have a long way to go.

We need to do better. I am not saying a little note sharing site like Uninets is going to change anything here and now. But perhaps what it is founded on, just might! And what is that? Share economy. If we can share knowledge between one another, if we can “donate” it in the form of an e-book that I, sitting in Copenhagen pay for, and share for free with someone who needs it for his studies in Cuba, without it being copyright infringements, we are well on our way. You can lobby for, plan for it, or push for it politically, to have cars that emit 7-10% less Co2 by 2025. Or you can use a ridesharing service tomorrow, leave your own car parked at home and save the Earth from much more than 7-10%. The strength is in numbers and collective effort, and whether it being saving Co2 emission or helping widen access to education, the principle remains.

I dream of a world where all courses can be taken online for free byways of self-study. That a kid can grow up in Honduras, and if they have access to the internet, they can get as good of an education as someone on Harvard.

Written by Zarko Zaharov

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