How to Reduce Wealth Inequality Without Charity


In these years an immense focus is on wealth inequality and how the gap between rich and poor continues to increase. It is a great problem to be solved, especially as the living standards of the less fortunate could obviously increase with more equal wealth distribution. There are undoubtedly humans suffering from this growing wealth gap, humans who possess capabilities to change the world, but their capabilities are constrained by limited financial opportunities. It is important to emphasize that the wealth gap will not reduce without efforts, both infrastructural efforts but equally important the individual’s own effort – you cannot expect to obtain better conditions in life without putting in an effort.

Wealth Inequality is Evident

Figure 1 –, September 2019

Global wealth statistics are difficult to validate as wealth is measured differently across countries and regions, nonetheless, even if the numbers were corrected it would not change the significance of the global wealth inequality. The wealthiest ~0.7% of the global population owns 46% of the global assets equivalent to $129T (see Figure 1). While 70% of the global population owns merely 3% of the global assets. These numbers will naturally never be equalized as various factors determine individual prosperity including individuals’ capabilities. However, we should enable equal opportunity and access to growing one’s prosperity.

The technological and especially the information technology evolution has ensured more equal distribution of information and knowledge. Earlier in history knowledge was preserved the most prosperous individuals where all information was only accessible physically. With the PC and the internet, most humans have equal access to information, which consequentially leads to more humans being well-informed – if they desire or put a minimal effort into obtaining this information. With the internet and the easy access to information and data, critical human problems have become more apparent, one of the most significant problems is the growing wealth inequality. After increasing the equality of information access the next natural step is reducing the wealth inequality, which will undoubtedly increase general living standards.

Making Investing Inclusive

Figure 2 – Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time to buy shares, but we can create better and easily accessible investing solutions.

At Clockwork we are concerned about how excluding and complex financial products are, especially when it comes to trading and investing. The existing solutions appeal to the few and not to the many. To enable financial inclusion, we have to create solutions which do not require thorough technical understanding and competencies to participate. No matter what country, town or area most people are fully occupied by non-financial jobs and possibly family activities as well, which only allow a very limited amount of personal time to spend on e.g. investing activities. Thus, it is crucial that products and services are immensely easy and simple to use otherwise people will not adopt the product or service. Here is the key: to have more people to invest the investing product i.e. trading platform has to become immensely simplified and easy to use. The critical approach to obtain such simplified trading platform is to work hard on the user interface to provide people easily accessible user experience. So, Clockwork is putting great emphasis on the user interface and developing the simplified trading platform.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Transparency
  3. Inclusiveness

are the three keywords to Clockwork. We are completely transparent with all costs and all information to the users. So, the users know exactly how and why they are charged on any given transaction on the platform as well as being informed on any rule, law or operation that might affect the individual user – again, this information will be heavily simplified and understandable compared to other complex trading platforms.
No user is too small or irrelevant for Clockwork to serve. We want to serve everyone regardless of their net worth. Thus, everyone has a chance at growing their prosperity on the Clockwork trading platform and with our simplified communication trading and investing become inclusive.
At Clockwork we are putting a lot of emphasizing and time into simplifying the user interface by cutting out all unnecessary details and information as well as making the design easily accessible and intuitive to interact. With simplified and inclusive user experience, the Clockwork trading platform is opening up trading and investing to the many to participate.

The wealth inequality is evident and the gap between the rich and the poor continues to increase. Less than one 1% of the wealthiest individuals own almost half of the global assets. One of the main causes of this growing wealth inequality is the complexity and exclusiveness of financial products and markets.
Clockwork makes trading and investing inclusive for everyone by the simplified and easily accessible trading platform. No one should be excluded.

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