CBS Entrepreneurial Day is the largest student startup event in the North. Since 2015 the event has brought together more than 17.000 people to share knowledge, network, and inspiration within the Danish startup community. This year September 26th the event will host more than 5.000 entrepreneurial spirits alone while putting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on the agenda.

 Startups are a vast innovative power in society, challenging existing solutions to make new and more sustainable products and services. Studying UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in an entrepreneurial setting, the event showcases best practices of how entrepreneurs combine working with the SDG’s and running a thriving business.



Explore business opportunities when established entrepreneurs tell their rocket stories. Get on the green path and invest in a more sustainable future. Or take a walk down the SDG-Valley of student startups and discover your future opening within the SDGs in student entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial and sustainable knowledge has no price. That is why this event is free and open to anyone fascinated by sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Do you see the innovative power of #SDGsInBusiness?

The event is hosted by Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), the unit for applied entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School, with great support from our loyal sponsors and partners.