From February 27th until 3rd of March anyone interested had a chance to take part of Copenhagen Social Media Week, where speakers, marketers, social media experts and other influencers had a chance to talk about their experience, tactics and what makes social media great.

Our team joined a couple of lectures and we live-streamed some that we thought would be relevant to our start-ups and entrepreneurs.

We joined Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus in Huset KBH to hear out his 100 tips and tricks about social media and different platforms. From what we learned from him, is that consistency is key and you really need to know what you’re doing but don’t forget to have fun! It’s called social media for a reason ;)!

His suggestions to stay active and relevant on social media?

  • Post 3-4 times a day but keep it on high quality and don’t lose your focus
  • Max out your hashtags to get more engagement from relevant communities
  • No click baits! Seriously, guys, this is the one that takes away your reliability!
  • Wake-lunch-bed – this is the time when users are most active, so plan accordingly ;)!
  • Use your Instagram & Snapchat story a lot! You want your name to be seen all the time
  • Understand, that you can’t reach all your audience at once that is why he suggests posting several times a day
  • FaceBook groups are better than business pages. WOLT is a great example of giving people a little “VIP” feeling for having a closed group for most active users 😉
  • Content – how your page looks and what you post are they key elements of growing a following
  • Shoutout for shoutout – This might be obvious, but don’t be afraid to pay people to shout out your business’ name or your Instagram page
  • Give people value then and there! People nowadays have really short attention span, so you need to take maximum out of their attention
  • Giveaways, games, contests People love free stuff, so once in a while host a game where you make people engage with your page
  • Seek engagement, not just likes and followers This one is really important as you want your people to engage with your service or brand, not just like your page and forget about it!
  • Analyse everything Whatever you do on social media, always follow up on analysing the results, so you know what to do better next time, what works, what doesn’t work, reactions, engagement… Everything, really!


Happy socialising with your customers! 😉



It’s Wednesday, it’s International Women’s Day and that means it’s time to get to know another great start-up: meet Pietto and a powerful woman behind it – Charlotte!

Charlotte and her team are working hard to create an amazing product that you simply put in your shoes after wearing them and it will easily and effectively remove all unwanted smells.

No more smelly shoes?  We’re in!

So, we asked some questions & Charlotte replied.

What thrives you?

The joy and the challenge of building something out of nothing – to create a product that doesn’t yet exist and to build a company and a brand around it – is so thrilling and exciting. I have been interested in and fascinated by entrepreneurship for years now and to finally have gotten a great idea for a product that is currently missing from the market is just amazing.

How do you keep yourself motivated and face challenges? 

Self-motivation is always difficult – especially as a solo-entrepreneur. The joy of finally having found a meaningful work life can only do so much. I have been very fortunate to have access to an office from Day 1; first at AKA Startup and now at CSE. Having a place to go to work every day and to work amongst like-minded and passionate people have definitely been alfa omega in my own day-to-day motivation. I have also found that having a great support system is key to the rough and challenging times. Talking to my advisory board, mastermind group or just my fellow startup colleagues always helps to make a problem suddenly seem manageable.

If you had to start all over again, would you do it? 

Absolutely!!! It would be a much smoother journey, though, as I have learned so much since I started but yes, I would do it again. In a heartbeat.

Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world?

(laughing) I am. Some entrepreneurs go out and try to solve the great problems of present-day society and I applaud for them – but I believe that you can also make a big difference in the world by improving the small aspects of people’s lives. By making a product that simply and effectively removes all bad smells from footwear, Pietto is able to solve a problem that is both practical and emotional for many people. If I can help someone achieve a greater sense of ease and joy in their daily life by removing an annoying – and in many cases embarrassing problem, then I’ll consider it a job well done.

We’re super proud of Charlotte & Pietto for coming such a long way already and having goals in mind so smash! If you feel like you would like to support Charlotte, just drop her an email:




If event organising and ticketing are your passions, you might want to meet our cool start up BilletFix, that founded a heavenly solution for all (student) event organisers nightmare – ticketing. Mads from BilletFix told us why they do what they do and how the road has been.

As Mads explains,

“A lot of students put a huge amount of work into creating events for their fellow students – and they even do it voluntarily! BilletFix’ mission is to assist these organisers by providing a stupidly easy and inexpensive online ticketing service so they spend less energy on administration and more time on creating awesome events. “

The best part of the system is the simplicity – it takes only a minute to start selling tickets and it does not matter which platform your event takes place. As you cannot sell tickets on FaceBook or through e-mail, you can just provide the BilletFix link to your event and it is done. The best part? If you’re an organiser, it is totally free of charge for you. The attendee can use their credit card of MobilePay to purchase a ticket.

Hitting milestones is essential for start-ups and businesses, and BilletFix is no different.
“We have sold over 10.000 tickets through BilletFix and have handled over one million in organisers ticket revenues. It’s kind of exciting and scary at the same time being responsible for that amount of money for other people. Besides we last week received a micro-grant from Fonden for Entreprenørskab on 45,000 DKK.”
So, back to basics.

We want to hear what thrives you to do what you’re doing?

“There’s not such one answer to that. It’s a great mix of building a company yourself with a fantastic team, all the inspiring people I meet, the skill set I achieve, the responsibility, and so on. It thrives me when I receive emails from customers saying that they loved the product and the service and they have already recommended BilletFix to other organisers. “

How do you keep yourself motivated and face challenges?
” First of all the amazing people on the team motivates me. What we already have and going to build is something only we can execute, and I’m feeling lucky with our small and talented team. Besides, I know we’re making a lot of people’s life much easier through the product. Long nights, hair ripped out of the head out of frustration, and an overdose of caffeine is totally worth it.”

If you had to start all over again, would you do it?
If we had to start all over again, I would find our third partner sooner. We have a tech-heavy product, and the third partner could have accelerated the processes a lot.

What about changing the world? Do you think you’re crazy enough?
Yes! Within our little niche, the world will be a better place after we have set our footprints.

Mads also shared some entrepreneurial advice to all the newcomers:

“Have an idea? DON’T just build the product right away. Ask a lot of people you don’t know. Even try to sell it before having the product! It doesn’t cost you anything but sometimes you would have spent on Netflix. What if that goes well? Can you pull the trigger starting a company? Yes, you can, and yes it’s scary running a company. But it’s exciting, and you can handle it! And yes, you don’t earn that much money. But the experiences will totally be worth it! And no, I’m not just saying it because I’ve spent 1,5 years running a startup. I could have quit a lot of times and get a regular student job.

And most of all, be patient. Success won’t come overnight.”

Inspiring! We are happy to read about the overcome struggles and shared happiness of our start-ups, as it is keeping us motivated! As every entrepreneur has felt, the journey has its ups and downs, but the little achievements mean so much. That is the beauty of entrepreneurship.

Read more about Billetfix and their cool concept on their website!



If you’re planning a trip where you would like to meet new interesting people, you might want to get to know our start-up called PackItUp! 

As Amalie from the company explains:

Inspired by our own worldwide travels, we are determined to create a quality social network for explorers. Our vision is to make it easier to find interesting trips and meet like-minded people – ideal for travellers, backpackers and locals. We bring them together through their own trips on a map-based interface, so they can find travellers around them or wherever they plan to go.

So PackItUp is developing a travel app to assist people in connecting with other travellers while exploring new places.

Their recent big milestone? Developing and publishing Android version of PackItUp app this fall!

Excited to read more?

What thrives you to do what you’re doing?

We are very motivated by the vision we have for the app and the idea of having it realized. The fact that we really feel it will add value to our users’ (and our own) lives makes it easy to put in the time and effort it takes.

How do you keep yourself motivated and face challenges?

Whenever we hit a bump in the road our approach is always to try and look at it from all perspectives and in union come up with the best solution. Specifically, we find that a good old pro’s and con’s list will solve most dilemmas. But the collaboration between us is really what is key for us in this process

If you had to start all over again, would you do it?

Yes. No doubt. First, we both just find the work and making something new and useful really fun. Furthermore, we have now put in so much time and effort that the thought of it being a waste is just not an option.

Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world? 

The simple answer to this is also yes 🙂 we definitely see a world where people no longer have to spend hours browsing travel sites on Facebook etc., but can simply look up their destination in our app and find likeminded people going there. To us, it will change the way people travel.


We’re so glad there is another great app coming our way of making travelling easier! And we can’t be more proud of how the team is working so hard!

If you wish to contact them amalie@packitup.dk is happy to answer all your questions!












If you feel like getting super inspired today, then we have good news for you. Get to know the brand: LARSEN & ERIKSEN is Danish watch & accessories brand, based in Copenhagen and launched by 2 guys who just got fed up by everyday boring life and wanted to do something that would make them get up with enthusiasm each morning. Are you already motivated to reinvent your own life? Read more!


So here is the story:

“Two years back, the idea of LARSEN & ERIKSEN was born. In order to understand why, take equal parts of the following ingredients:

  • Two best friends since 3rd grade
  • Two 9-5 day jobs that were “perfectly career oriented, very well-paid and extremely pretty-f***ing-average”
  • A nerdy passion for watches
  • Many years of never being able to afford to buy watches
  • Many years of travelling the world and seeing the diverse destinies of its inhabitants
  • A good old Danish winter depression + a strong lust to create something from scratch and to shape ones own life.

There you have it. That’s the foundation of LARSEN & ERIKSEN – and that’s why we do what we do.”

How do you keep yourself motivated and face challenges?

“In the two years that have passed since we came up with the idea of LARSEN & ERIKSEN, we have – like every other company – been through endless amounts of ups & downs. And through this, we have been through a pretty solid testing of our willpower as well as our ability to turn challenges into solutions.

What we find fun about all of these startup challenges is that (at least for us) two working days are very rarely the same. And just as we find ourselves starting to feel confident with one area of building our business, we bang our heads against a sky-high wall. Then we have to work our way around it by

  1. Learning (sometimes very) new things
  2. Igniting our creativity
  3. Igniting our diversity*

What is so beautiful about all of these ups-and-downs, all of these sky-high walls and all of these forced new learning processes is the feeling we have when we (every once in a while) leave the office. The feeling that has never been more stimulating, more meaningful and more rewarding. This is the exact feeling we felt, when we launched our business at the end of 2016.

Prior to that was three weeks of working an average of 17-18 hours a day. When we went to bed at 4:30 the morning before our launch, we simply couldn’t wait to get out of bed to work 17-18 hours again. Although we use the term “work” and we combine it with “17-18 hours a day” it simply doesn’t feel that way – it feels like being in control of our own life.”

*Jeppe is born and raised in logistics, Magnus has a degree in psychology.

If you had to start all over again, would you do it?

“ABSOLUTELY! So far, devoting ourselves to lives as entrepreneurs has been the best decision we’ve ever made.”

Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world?

“We might not change the entire world with our adventure but we definitely believe that we can scale our business and hereby – both directly and indirectly – touch the lives of a whole lot of people all over the world.”


Oh, and by the way:

A wide selection of Larsen & Eriksen designs are now available at the legendary Louisiana Museum. The museum shop was recently awarded as the best museum shop of the world and we are probably as excited as they are!

Check out their Facebook page and website!




Today,  we want you to meet our partner: amazing and innovative company called SOLOSOCKS, which produces the coolest socks your feet will ever wear!

We asked Alex & Adam from SOLOSOCKS some questions about entrepreneurship, read their answers below!

What thrives you?

What thrives the company is our online customers – people who are willing to stand out and wear colourful single socks. What are just as important to us are the distributors who believe in the product.

How do you keep yourself motivated and face challenges? 

Our motivation for this company is driven by a passion for the product. We are truly committed to the concept of innovation, design and quality. We have so many ideas about possible products to develop within these frames. We both believe in the company, the product and the journey we have started. And this is the most important feature of an entrepreneur!

If you had to start all over again, would you do it? 

Yes. The journey has been very exciting so far, and by starting over we could experience it all again. And what’s more important –  use all we learned from previous mistakes.

Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world?

Think? We are changing the world as we speak – one sock at the time!

Note, that Adam & Alex are partners at SOLOSOCKS and also roommates. This is a great example of how friends do make a good team!

Their advice to anyone in entrepreneurship?

“Always stay open to friends and enemies. We can’t finish this adventure alone.”


SOLOSOCKS is doing great after the successful Kickstarter campaign they had in October and November. They were funded 281% (281,000 DKK) which is a great financial contribution to the company as well as a great opportunity to reach a different audience. As always in a start-up, they ran into problems. Luckily for them, these were what one might call a “luxury problem”: their stock ran out faster than expected. They are now awaiting a big order coming in from Turkey and looking for investors and contributors to make SOLOSOCKS grow even bigger in 2017!

We wish nothing but the best to SOLOSOCKS!

See you next week!



Often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of horses is: “Ah I remember those crazy pony girls back in elementary school”. Next, you might think of how much of a snob sport it actually is, only possible if you have piles of money to put into it. Who would want to pay more on a horse’s box rent than your actual apartment in Copenhagen…

I was one of those crazy pony girls. Still am. And so is Alina. We met last year while starting our Master’s studies at CBS and immediately bonded over our passion for horses. I had had this idea for Hooves swirling in my head for over a year but never having the balls to actually go for it. But then I attended CBS Entrepreneurial Day (sounds cheesy I know). We were sitting in the big auditorium with some study friends and listening to Mads Faurholt­ Jørgensen when it hit me – inspiration. Immediately afterwards I pulled Alina aside and told her about my idea, and she was just as excited about it as I was!

When dreams come true

Fast forward to today – exactly a year later. We are co­founders of an actual company, backed by an angel investor, a part of the CSE community, and we have our MVP product up and running with an app on the way. We have talked to hundreds of equestrians around Denmark, gotten around 300 users organically onto the website and attended several startup events, including last year’s Slush in Finland. On top of everything, we are a thousand startup (and life) lessons wiser.

This is a company to which we are both immensely devoted to as it stems from our passion in life. Horses are a lifestyle, it consumes you to the core. So being able to work around that is a dream come true, and addressing problems we are all too familiar with – not having enough time or money, not trusting a new person with your horse – just makes us that much more motivated. Hooves is created around our vision to make owning a horse a tad easier as well as to make not owning one less of a roadblock, in other words, to transform this so­-called “snob sport” into something everyone can enjoy. We strive to revolutionize the ever­-so traditional industry and bring it into a new, transparent and accessible era. To bring it into the sharing economy.

Don’t forget to check out our company overview, and come say hi to us at this year’s CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2016!

Hope to see you there,

Suvi Kaario Co­founder of Hooves