2030 Builders

2030 Builders is an innovative tool for Sustainable Strategy delivered through gamification, that untaps the business potential in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our process gives participants the possibility to identify sustainable strategies for companies to generate growth while creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Above Borders

Above Borders travel to rather unusual destinations including North Korea and Turkmenistan. Our mission is to create lifetime experiences for all travellers and local people who cross our way.

Lifetime experiences are best created by visiting, learning and understand a new country and their culture.


Aest-Ethics challenges the status quo of the fashion industry through the empowerment of consumers, scientists and sustainable fashion brands. By activating consumers to vote with their values, directly target SDG 12: Responsible production and consumption.

Behind Handlebars

Behind Handlebars is a global community of cyclists with more than 43.000 followers from 163 different countries on Instagram, that participate in rides and bike parties and share pictures on the hashtag #behindhandlebars from their own life behind handlebars.

Circular Innovation Lab

The world’s first crowdfunding platform for Circular Economy (CE) that will plug the funding gap to foster CE innovations. In addition to crowdfunding for CE vetted campaigns that would diminish the high risks and uncertainty associated with CE business models, we will also offer mentorship services through CE experts and knowledge sharing of best CE practices, thereby creating a community for CE.


Diabezy wants to help diabetics in their daily lives. Diabetes can be a hard disease to live with, especially without proper guidance and support. We want to combat that by providing a platform that offers a number of functions to assist the diabetic in his or her daily routines and help them work on themselves.


At Fizzit we have the vision to help you consume soda with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We are trying to accelerate the adoption of home/on-demand carbonation as the primary mode of soda consumption.

Female Startup Association – For Students and Graduates

The association is formed by a group of female student entrepreneurs who have started an association for female students and graduates, who is either dreaming of creating a startup or have already established one – Our mission is to motivate and inspire more women to consider entrepreneurship, create meaningful relations and develop upon their own potential.


Flacon is a circular solution to packaging waste in the hotel industry. As it is now most hotels provide their customers with small plastic containers for shampoo and shower gel that are thrown away after a single (if any) use.


Graise converts conventional agriculture into sustainable agriculture, by reinforcing holistic agriculture management and make it more profitable to have a sustainable agriculture.

Hood Heroes

hoodHeroes is a rating community for brand sustainability. We help you find sustainable brands to buy from, work for & impact. On, citizens can check-up on, compare & contribute to the SDG-causes of any brand.


Leaty, is an Enterprise Collaboration platform that empowers Employees to self-organize and facilitates eased innovation implementation along with the company’s strategy. Building upon this, Leaty creates the first intelligent community of organizations, to enable targeted collaboration between the organization, to help each other achieve their specific goals.


Lokalist’s mission is to ensure more sustainable use of the millions of electronics that get produced every year by making it easy and profitable to upcycle your used electronics.


Mcon guides companies through digital transformation by efficiently working on optimizing and automating their internal and external business processes and data management


Mobflex offers users a monthly subscription where they can plan, book and pay for their journeys combining different modes of transport through a single interface. The app will provide the shortest and fastest combination for convenient travel options in real-time. Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector by encouraging people to use more bicycles and public transport while decreasing car usage.


RenSti makes it easy for individuals and businesses to take action against climate change. We fight global warming by calculating carbon emissions and providing people and businesses with the option to remove as much carbon as they emit, thus becoming carbon neutral.


SoilSense is developing a sensor-based hardware system to assist farmers in emerging markets to irrigate smarter, thereby saving water and increasing yield. Agriculture accounts of more than 70% of all freshwater usage, and if we are to feed a growing global population, we need to make food production more efficient.

Tribe Takeaway

Tribe Takeaway disrupts the takeaway industry and supports the United Nations Zero Hunger goal. Every order on Tribe Takeaway feeds a hungry child for a day. A social takeaway experience on social media where users order a meal to share a meal with a starving child.


Uninets is a share-economy based startup that works on user-driven content generation. Students upload notes they write throughout the semester, and other students buy them. This helps the buyer prepare for their exams and it helps the seller by providing a passive side income. In our own words, we help students help themselves- Both academically and financially.


WAIR is an early-stage start-up with the mission to give textile waste a second chance by transforming it into upcycled shoes.

Thereby, we can provide a fashionable and environmentally conscious consumer with a sustainable alternative to the conventional shoe brands – that lives up to their expectations of style and price.