How we got started: Getting to know the bike problem
We have been buddies a couple of times for some of the exchange students at CBS. By talking to them, and being part of the facebook group, we realized that there were a problem. Bike shops around Copenhagen enjoyed selling bicycles to exchange students a bit overpriced, and buying them again, at the end of the semester, for a smaller amount, because all of the exchange students were trying to sell their bicycles at the same time, but who will buy the 800 bicycles, when the new exchange students first will arrive a month later, and how do they then get the 800 bikes?

We thought we could help, but how? During an accounting course we thought: Let’s help them get rid of their bicycles, and then rent them out to the new exchange students for a fair price, and without the concern of how to get rid of it when returning home!

We are more than happy that we started this. Not only do we get to help exchange students having a better bike experience in Copenhagen We also get to talk and meet a lot of different people from around the world and even earn a little money on it. We do not only consider Buddy Bikes as our small business besides our studies, we also think of it as the best way to meet new amazing people.

Meet the team behind Buddy Bikes at CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017!



The majority of people in Copenhagen are using their bikes as the primary way of transport, but why? We’ll give you several reasons!

  • It is an easy and fast way to get around Copenhagen is a relative small city, and it’s made for riding a bike. Biking is faster and cheaper than taking the bus.
  • The city has a lot to offer, and that is what makes Copenhagen a “hyggelig” city (cosy describes the word “hyggelig” best in this relation). When biking you can get around to all the things that Copenhagen has to offer quickly and easily.
  • Environmental friendly:
    – A lot of cities around the world is dealing with the problem of air pollution. Copenhagen is very little affected by this due to the many bicycles. And of course no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere!
    – Instead of taking public transportation and paying for it, you get free excercise on the way to your study, work, friends, or something else. Getting fresh air and exercise can help you keeping focus throughout the day.
  • Flexible transport how you like it! Grabbing the bike where you placed it, riding where you need to go, and quickly parking it almost anywhere you want, without having to find a parking lot is what make biking really flexible.
  • The perhaps most cycling friendly city in the world
    Copenhagen are known for being really cycling friendly. There are separated bicycle paths on almost every street, light signals only for bicycles, street signs telling which direction and how long to certain destinations. Almost anything you know from driving a car, we got the bike version of it. You can even get quick bike help when your bike crashes, just like with cars.

So what are you waiting for? Rent a bike from Buddy Bikes and make sure that you get the full Copenhagen experience! Meet us at CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017!