From “low-carb” to “high-protein”, through “keto,” “paleo,” and plant-based lifestyles: we have developed different strategies to manage our health and wellbeing. However, while one feels good and healthy eating one way, someone else thrives on a different approach. Why is that? Well, it all comes down to our individual nature, the effect of our dietary history, lineage and all the environmental influences we’ve had along the way.

Inside each of us, in our gut, there are approximately 1014 bacteria living, which are constantly interacting with us in a complex ecosystem. Every one of us illustrates a different composition of our so-called “microbiome”. In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the surrounding research: our microbiome has been directly linked to the functioning of our immune system, closely connected to our central nervous system and brain (our “gut-brain axis”) and wired into our body’s metabolism.

Even if this research is still in its infancy, it has become clear what disrupts our microbiome and what helps it stay in balance. Our modern Western diet, consisting of processed foods and a low intake of dietary fiber, has taken a toll on our health and our gut. We need to take more care of our health in order to stop the alarming rise of obesity, diabetes and allergic diseases. Science has shown that a diverse microbiome and some specific bacterial strains naturally support good health. Furthermore, there is a strong body of evidence on which foods and dietary patterns increases our microbiome diversity and help these “good” bacteria grow.

However, we know that people don’t have the time or the desire to read through all the scientific literature, evaluating which foods and particular dietary plan is good for their particular microbiome. This is where GUTXY comes in, helping you figure out how to incorporate the latest scientific findings on the microbiome into your daily life.

We know there is no “perfect” microbiome composition that applies to everyone – two individuals who are both at optimal health might differ in their microbiomes wildly. Therefore, we strongly believe that the step to sequence your (and only YOUR) microbiome composition will be the future of personalised nutrition – and we want to be the company delivering you the best service possible. Say goodbye to stereotypical advice like “eat more vegetables”, “less carbs”, “more protein” and find out what is good for YOU – well, you and the billions of bacteria that are constantly living and cooperating with you.


So, how does the GUTXY test work?

The only thing our customers will need to do, is send us a simple stool sample. Luckily, we have developed an extremely hygienic and easy way to do this. Afterwards, we take over: your microbiota composition will be sequenced, meaning that we will know which strains and how many of them are living in your gut. Based on this information, our educated team of nutritionists will develop a personalised map for you, including your composition, an interpretation of it, and nutritional advices for improving your composition.


What will you get from it?

Ever felt bloated? Constipated? Or simply not well in your gut? Maybe you even suffer from IBS or IBD? Perhaps you feel your immunity is too weak? Or you simply want to care of your overall health? Whatever it may be, we are convinced that knowing about your microbiome will elevate your overall wellbeing.


When can you finally find out about your gut microbiome?

We are currently developing our service and improving it to the greatest extent possible. Our plan is to launch in January 2018 – so stay tuned if you want to be one of the first to get the chance to delve into the inner workings of your microbiome.


To be part of our first pool of participants for our beta trial, please email us at! Meet our team at CBS Entrepreneurial Day!


By Saskia Wurm