Student Talks is a non-profit student organization, with the overall goal of unlocking the potential of our generation through inspiration. But how do we do that?


We find the brightest minds of our generation, and we put them on stage. Our audience can share their thoughts in real-time using our custom-made app – Reflections. Our events bring value to the audience by giving voice to the most influential students and sparking conversation on the hottest topics. We have 4 international events confirmed by the end of 2017. Can’t wait!


Do you have an idea, but you don’t do well on stage? Don’t worry, the solution is here! Student Talks: Academy is the key you need to become a public speaker. Short videos with carefully selected content, combined with tested exercises, result in a comprehensive course that you simply can’t miss.


Our magazine aims to become the megaphone for all those inspiring students we can’t meet directly. We want to grow and continue the conversation beyond our events, and give a podium to those who draw their power from the written word. STRIVE is the place where great minds of our generation meet and discuss, a place where the writers interact with a global audience. Our magazine offers solid, thought-out information, backed with data and sprinkled with personal experience. Care to join the conversation?

EVENT KIT (in progress)

Since our international expansion our goal of entertaining some, and inspiring few has come to fruition. We feel so happy, and so humble, to have met different people willing to bring Student Talks’ vision to their country. Event Kit was made especially for them. It’s a platform containing all the guidelines, hacks, and tips needed to organise a Student Talks event from scratch.




WHAT is nearby dilemmas on your phone

The social media, WHAT, is a Danish app that lets you see dilemmas and questions from your friends and people nearby.

We were inspired by the Danish radio show ‘Mads og Monopolet’, says Steven Højlund, CEO and Founder of WHAT. WHAT is a ‘mobile first’ platform enabling anyone to get quick feedback on any dilemma or question from a particular target group. Users can vote and post questions anonymously, and thus get honest feedback on their dilemmas just like in the famous radio show on P4, where listeners call in or write with big or small dilemmas in life.

Any type of question will do

One of the core features the app boasts is that you can take up to four photos and use them in your question. Regarding the audience, you can determine who your question goes out to, by setting criteria such as gender, vicinity and age range. If the question is personal, you can choose to be anonymous leaving room for complete self-expression. For example, ask the girls age 18-30 what sneakers they like the most. The possibilities are endless.

Rewards for helping others

“We launched WHAT to make it easy for everyone to voice their opinion about everything from silly things to serious stuff like politics”, says Steven Højlund. At WHAT, a question takes only a couple of seconds to answer and our users can win cinema tickets and gift cards even when they answer questions from their friends.

The more helpful people are on the platform, the better their chance to win regular prize draws.

The big mission

Many groups in the Danish society – and in the World – do not have a voice in official statistics and opinion polls. The great purpose behind WHAT is to change that. Previously, the barrier to participate was routed in lack of access to the voting or polling schemes and long and tedious surveys. But now everyone has a smartphone and surveys are never longer than 1 minute.

Steven Højlund explains: “We are basically making it fun and easy to answer quick questions on our platform. Thereby we can collect opinions faster from all around the world.”

Learn more about WHAT, and meet the team behind at CBS Entrepreneurial Day!