How to master your mandate as a female founder by DEX

Q&A with Nina & Hilde

  • Nina and Hilde, what are your motivations for being part of RISE as facilitators?

We need the perspective of women in the society we are building for the future. Here we see entrepreneurship as a very important part. Showing female entrepreneurs that they are totally capable of walking the path is hitting our life passion. We are working professionally with the ability to see talent and one of the most important parts of this work is for the talent to actually discover her own talent!

  • How did you work with diversity and rising talent before?

We take people through a structured process where they get to know themselves from a different perspective. Often, the secret fear of failure prevents us from going fully forward – which is logical when we are not aware of our strengths. But the moment you are enthusiastically willing to be seen and declare yourself as valuable, you also get a bigger charge of energy and action.

The secret of working with diversity is to create an atmosphere of “Yes, you and your voice matter. We need your perspective – come shine with us” Creating this atmosphere is a leadership task – and we all have leadership responsibilities.

  • Ladies, please share a bit about your personal stories.

Nina’s story: I started my career in the Airforce many years ago. I was mostly the only female at a leadership level and I learned a lot about male perspectives both in my duty in national forces as well as leadership advisor in Afghanistan. Men often have a higher perception of ability and are better trained in tolerating failures while women often struggle with perfectionism. My actions towards seeing my own capabilities more clearly and my work with high-performance teams led me into psychology and creating programs for talents.



Hilde’s story: I’m MSc. in Organization and Strategic Planning from CBS. With my experienced background in leadership, business- and people development, mainly within International and Nordic sales organizations, I’ve had a strong focus on the diversity and inclusion agenda.

We need to challenge the status quo of business and create thought diversity at the leadership level. Female founders and owners and strong professionals who stand in their truth, ask more boldly and take action with passion and charisma for the benefit of the future of the planet. A tribe of female entrepreneurs creating an atmosphere where diversity thrives – and results in badass business.


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