Collaborate with a talented startup

CSE Match Up is a program aimed at bringing together startups and established businesses, with common industry, product, challenges, or interests. Carefully selected startups from CSE have been through a thorough screening process, from where there have been identified specific areas, the startup can contribute with in a future collaboration with an established company. The collaboration can stimulate growth within the companies, as well as increasing the partities’ knowledge within business administration, industry trends, and business strategies.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) facilitates the matches between the startups and established companies, to ensure a smooth and safe collaboration process. We offer you screening of your growth potential, general advice and guidance throughout the collaboration, and legal advice on partnerships. We have a wide range of ambitious and talented startups within different industries, who are ready to collaboration on new, exciting projects.


There is great demand from established companies, and the industries, to work with and learn from young, innovative entrepreneurs. Likewise, startups can benefit from working with experienced business leaders and learn from their network. Whether you are a startup, or an established company, we believe there are great synergies to be harvested from working together on specific projects or challenges.

The collaboration

The CSE Match Up Partnership Agreement is uncomplicated by nature. It facilitates the sharing of knowledge and ideas, while protecting the intellectual property rights of both parties involved. The Agreement is flexible and can be tailored to the specific wishes of the participants.

Please contact Project Manager, Sandra Birch (, for an exclusive offer, and further information about the opportunities for your company.


A match between an established company and startup may take a variety of forms; depending on the needs of the implied parties. The most successful partnerships are typically based on a very concrete area of collaboration:

Consulting for specific projects
Collaboration on test-runs and prototyping
Product development, R&D
Partnerships; licensing, mergers and acquisitions
Mentoring agreements
General sharing of knowledge and best-practices