Arash Irannejad

For the past 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, and since 2015 as a business consultant and coach. I have extensive dealing with many entrepreneurial projects. Across several business sectors.
I am highly organized and dedicated, to work with innovation to create the right business development strategies.
with insight into scaling operations and focusing management, I work toward a transition from a linear to an exponential business.
Trendspotter and futurologist. I am devoted to systematically forecasting the future. Based on trends in society and technology availability. By thorough understanding of future trends and market drivers, I build relevant scenarios for value creation, prepare the business for the opportunities that arise, and challenges ahead.
I have an eye for detail and high quality. which is a challenge for me sometimes, because I need to fight with the perfectionist inside me. I use persuasive communication for better collaboration, to reach the best planning and execution. To create a high-performance business.