Brian Sean Tange

33-year-old high-achiever with leadership experience spanning more than 7 years
and several different countries. With proven track record in the energy, software and transportation business, national, international, corporations and start-ups, which makes me good at adapting, being versatile and learn new markets quickly.
I have a strong strategic mindset, excellent operational execution, and a tactical approach. My management style is characterized by strong communicative skills and great analytical abilities. I take a structured approach to work utilizing digital options and tools like KPIs and Wardroom to achieve budgets and goals.
I am good at establishing both professional and personal relationships which makes me dedicated and focused on forming trustworthy, mutual, longterm and rewarding partnerships. This can also be seen through my commitment to and close relationships with employees.
My leadership experience, business acumen, outgoing personality and ability to form strong relationships can be seen through my success of building high-performance teams with great wellbeing, personal development and a focus on business growth