Mikkel Lundø

I represent a combination of leadership and strategic competences, derived from long-term experience from +11 years in the army, +5 years of strategy consultancy and my current position as COO in IIH Nordic bringing digital transformation.

My management abilities have been sharpened to make fast decisions based on a rapid analytical deduction of complex scenarios. I am an experienced facilitator and communicator, having facilitated and coached both in the army and in a broad range of companies on operational, tactical and executive level. I take a distinct pride in ensuring understanding and motivation of colleagues and employees when working together on or delegating assignments.

My aspiration is to constantly challenge myself with difficult assignments to increase my knowledge of different markets, industries and companies in order to stay innovative and facilitate continuously higher aspirations. I have a special interest in digital environments, transformation and strategy/execution: many years of experience in consulting and large companies and institutions have showed me the value of setting a customer centric digital agenda emphasizing my own key values.