What do we do?

For startups, the first years are unarguably the most critical time in the life of the company. Timely access to key resources, advice and knowledge is essential for entrepreneurs to succeed. As an organisation that supports entrepreneurship among university students, creating a strong community of mentors is a natural goal of ours. We match the startups in our incubator or accelerator programs with highly skilled volunteer professionals who can provide strategic guidance and thereby help them reach their goals and milestones.

Why should I join?

Network with business professionals and entrepreneurs. Develop skills and get updated on the newest trends and innovations. Uncover innovative ideas and new business opportunities .

The vision of CSE mentors is to develop and implement the best-in-class mentoring initiatives that will help guide university startups through their growth phase.

Join a growing community that has already created 100+ mentor-mentee matches and continues to make an impact through the power of mentoring to help small businesses thrive.

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Fuels Success

Bertin CSE billede (1)

The CSE Mentorship program has been of great value for my startup and career as an entrepreneur. When starting a company from scratch you face hundreds of challenges each day, and therefore it is very valuable to have a mentor on the side, who has been through much of the same things, and is able to relate and understand the situation. Moreover, the mentors can provide you with guidance and strategy as well as utilizing their own network to open doors or establishing potential partner or customer meetings.

Bertin G. Hansen, CEO & Founder of Odeno

Morten Kolberg

It has been an exciting journey with the mentee company, where I as a mentor both have had the opportunity to share some of my experiences but also gained personally significant new insights about how the next generation of entrepreneurs thinks and operates. Being a mentor, you should be openminded, be able to listen and most important be available when needed. I have enjoyed every second

Morten Kolberg, CSE Mentor & Head of Consulting at Copenhagen Business Hub



Strategic mentoring

mentor 360

CSE mentor relationships last 6-9 months, during which the mentee and mentor meet face-to-face for one to three hours each month to work towards setting and realizing personalised, measurable and attainable goals. CSE will facilitate the application and matching process based on the startup’s needs and specific situation as well as the mentor’s interests and areas of expertise, however, the decision to form a relationship remains with the prospective mentor and mentee. From there, mentees drive the relationship with a CSE Business Developer checking in periodically to ensure healthy progress.

Join forces with other mentors to help the startups at CSE during 2-hour springboard sessions. Mentor 360 is a thematic and focused group mentoring based on most known business diagnostic tools and frameworks. It basically covers all aspects of business but the main focus is on business model, strategy and the best road to market. It helps startups get hands-on advice and insights on how to tune their business directions in order to increase the success probability and mitigate the associated risks.


You and one or more other mentors will follow a startup over the duration of their stay at CSE. You will meet at monthly 2-hour sessions where the startup will present their progress since the last session and discuss their next challenges.


As a way of giving back to you, we have launched a series of workshop and networking sessions designed to help mentors learn and grow as business leaders. The peer interactions and educational opportunities at these sessions will help you become a well-rounded business professional by expanding your network and improving upon your business knowledge within the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. These sessions are typically organized around specific themes and offer a rich environment for networking.


become a

Expectations & Requirements

  • At CSE we welcome a wide range of experiences. However, to become a CSE mentor, you must have 3+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and 5+ years of relevant business or technical experience.
  • All mentors are hand-picked among the best and selected based on their expertise, their skills as advisors as well as their desire and ability to give back.
  • We understand that professionals like you are busy and can have changing schedules and workloads over periods. We therefore do our best to ensure a flexible mentor program with a variety of mentor activities that each require different degrees of commitment, time, and involvement. At CSE, you can choose everything from devoting single afternoons to Mentor 360 sessions to becoming involved in one or more startups over a longer period as part of an Advisory Board or a Strategic Mentorship.
  • If you would like to hear more about how to become a mentor at CSE, please contact Cristina Meléndez Sancho, Mentorship Program Manager, at
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Anne-Sofie Davenport

Digital Health Innovation & Strategy

Kirstine Møller Pedersen

Marketing Director at Planday

Joachim Schelde

Investment Analyst at Scale Capital

Kenneth Bjørneboe

Strategy Manager at GN Store Nord

Martin Haslund Johansson

CEO at Glenart

Jens-Peter Poulsen

Executive advisor on People, Organization and Change I Member of Boards I Business Angel I Mentor

Aidin Ziapour

Chief Innovation Officer at Redment

Martin Hector Hoffmann

Business Consultant & Angel Investor

Arash Irannejad

Business Consultant at Parmida

Hasan Surtiwala

Venture Consultant

Rasmus Aaberg

Strategic Business Development Manager at GoGift

Raziel Bareket

Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

Geetha Selvakumar

Chief Consultant at Danskebank

David Sanchez Mendez

CFO at ACO Nordics

Allan Sønderskov Darré

Angel Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Mette Frosch-Hansen

Finance Adviser, Board Member and Executive Business Mentor

Claus Thune

Director of Business Development at NMP

Haavard Stjernen

Country Manager Benelux, Nordics and ANZ at Wish

Karsten Brandt-Larsen

Development Director for BI, Analytics and Data Governance at BEC

Kathy Borys Siddiqui

Founder and Owner of Active Action ApS

Michael Villinger

Transfer Pricing Senior Manager

Thomas Balling Rasmussen

Head of Financial Marketing Strategy + Marketing Director at Betsson Group

Giorgio Grimaldi

Innovation R&D PMO Director at Carlsberg

Ana Andonovska

Innovation lead at Maersk Drilling

Mate Toro

Innovation lead at Maersk Drilling

Lana Stankovic

Senior Innovation Consultant at Nordic Innovators

Raju Gurung

CEO & Co-Founder @ PlanetLocal

Emilie Schytte

Managing Director at MyMemories

Kelvina Wairimu

Technical Project Manager at Wunderman

Tobias Simonsen

Head of business development at VIRKE

Christoffer Pasieczny

Management Consultant - Strategy and M&A

Taylor Ryan

CEO / Partner of Klint Marketing

Patrick T. Rasmussen

Chief Marketing Officer at Dinero

Gitte Milling Groth

Head of Commercial Excellence (B2B Sales)

Rene Overgaard Jensen

Heading the Danish Operational Excellence practice at PA Consulting

Alexander Kragh

CMO & Co-founder at Statum

Jesper Lindholt

CEO at Livatek

Christian Carlsen

Business Director at NNE

Thomas Canguilhem

Previously CEO. Currently working on various Consulting, Board advisor and Board member missions.

Chastine Christiansen

Startup Corrdinator at Startup Borgen

Anders Buchmann

Senior Marketer and creative Business developer

Jesper Rydahl

CEO of 42Raw

Inga Stein Burgaard

Strategy and Sustainability Associate at Ramboll Management Consulting

Morten Kolberg

Head of Consulting at Copenhagen Business Hub

Jens Rosengren Daugaard

Senior Teaching Fellow

Peter Thorlacius Bondrop

Director of Business Development at Aperio Systems

Lars Kaa Andersen

Managing Director of Laka Consult ApS

Thomas Sugar

Business Growth and Developmnt; Technology Entrepreneur

Onur Ay

Engineer | Consultant | Startup Advisor

Caspar Høgh

Investor & COO of Tattoodo

Christian Olufsen

Business Angel at ADFECT ApS

Drew Bryan

Director at Visumr

Philipp Hukal

Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Management

Jakob Fuglsang

Founder and Chief visionary officer at Linguista Education

Anders Huang Alding


Nazli Dadmarz

Employment mentor, Social mentor

Alexandra Ravn Birger Christensen

Managing Director of ARBC Service Excellence

Hilde Seglem

Partner and Co-founder of DEX Cph

Christian Marcus

Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Frederik Hinz Andersen

Design & Business Developer

Rikke Vallentin Stoltz

Curator, Director & License Holder at TEDxFrederiksberg

Vibeke Rohde

Lawyer and Business Consultant

John George Riise

CTO at Aidbuilder

Nina Uller

Co-founder and Partner at DEX CPH

Jonas Sevel Karlberg

Executive Chairman, Founding Partner - AmaZix

Stig Hoffmeyer

CEO, Boardmember, Advisor, Investor and Coach

Thorben Sander

Investor/ Strategic Coach / Entrepreneur

Anne Malberg Horsager


Christian Olesen

CIO at Hamsto

Søren Bjerregaard Wilton

CEO at Wilton Consulting

Armin Kavousi

Chief Evangelist at Storm Group Founder & CEO at MeeW

Marie Birna Olafsdottir

Project Manger at Refugee Entrepreneurs Denmark

Jakob Mikkel Hansen

CEO at Marketleap

Morten Falck Larsen

Partner at TeamsToWork ApS

Paul J. Hargreaves

Owner of Century House Consulting

Christian Garrelts

CEO at imarketing

Brian Sean Tange

Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Gorm Eriksen

Co-founder and Partner at Zeto P/S

Pernille Ørskov

Lawyer, business coach at Caplibra

Mark S. Wilson

Executive Communications Manager at Milestone Systems A/S

Sif Munch Svejgaard

Writing coach at Wordwiz

Daniel Karpantschof

CEO & Co-founder at Copenhagen Industries

Rafik Jallad

Senior Director at Sierra Wireless

Christina Pamela Kreutzmann Christiansen

Consultant at Djøf

Henrik Harboe

CEO at Medical Business Advice A/S

Andreas Rasmussen

CEO & Founder at Aktieporteføljen

Natalia Nilsson

Biz developer

Thomas Tornerup

Co-founder & CEO at Sustainbase

Klaus Dahl Tindborg

Co-owner and Partner at EmpowerMind International ApS

Mattias Vilhelm Warnøe Nielsen

Lawyer, Partner at Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Christoffer Tybjerg

CEO & Founder at Fifium

Morten Wagner

Head of Department - IdemoLab

Katja Damborg Laut

Investor, Business developer

Rasmus Åradsson

Partner and consultant at Intenz P/S

Malte von Sehested

Head of Innovation at Gyldendal

Henrik Tryon

Co-Founder and CEO at IGX Solutions

Henrik Thorn

Partner and investor at IT Kartellet ApS, and New Platforms ApS

Dennis Kayser

CEO at Forecast

Henrik Kielland

Business Development at ATP

Christine Gouchault

Entrepreneur, business consultant, author and speaker at Mors Business