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Connecting and empowering technical and commercial talent to unleash their digital startup potential for society.


Digital Startup Generator is a initiative with a mission to create more and better digital tech startups that contribute to society. The aim is to strengthen technology/solution/market fit of digital tech startup ideas, including costumer validation and technology de-elopment, and facilitate match making between technical and commercial startup talents.

Why should become involved

Do you have a startup idea within digitalization you want to turn into a business? Are you are a student or young researcher in the field of digital tech, software or computer science? Or are you from the field of business with interest in applying your commercial skills in a digital tech startup?

DTU Skylab & CSE coach and match students from interdisciplinary fields to enable more digital startup come to life for society. Our aim is to support and strengthen early-stage ideas and team development, as teams that capture both technical and commercial skills have a much strong outset to build a successful business.

We aim to do this by offering:
  • Activities and workshops to boost ideation, matching of talent, and startup validation & Support – all within digital tech.

  • Feedback & coaching of startup ideas

  • Lab support

  • Industry insight e.g in hackathons and innovation sprints

  • Teams with early-stage digital tech-based startup or startup idea

  • Aspiring student/researcher entrepreneurs with digital tech startup ideas

Flagship activities:
  • Ongoing coaching of digital startups. Contact Diana Lundgren for coaching.

  • Startups & Pitches

  •  Business Hack

  •  Digi Hack

  •  Hub Tours

Timeframe: Jan 2021 – Dec 2022


Sounding Board

Sponsors & Partners



Oliver Kofod Ranneries
Community Coordinator, CSE
Sandra Birch
Community Manager, CSE


Diana Landaes Lundgren
Innovation Officer, DTU Skylab