About the programme

The RISE Programme is aimed at enabling aspiring female entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams and empower them to reveal their potential. It’s an exclusive talent programme with only 15 spots available for female CBS students. The programme is tailored to make entrepreneurial souls rise above the challenges that can appear when creating a business, but also to rise above inner barriers that hinders revealing the talent and potential within.

Intern in a startup with ECTS

The talent programme leads to an internship with ECTS on BA 5th semester/Msc 3rd semester, the talent programme will prepare you to go all-in during your internship in fall time. In the programme you’ll go trough 10 TRACKS from beginning to end and in these modules you’ll learn everything you need to kick off your entrepreneurial journey. The programme will run in spring time only. The programme is made in collaboration with DEX.


The criteria for applying are 1) you have an awesome entrepreneurial spirit and and idea – in any stage, 2) you’re a female CBS student and 3) you are willing to take an internship in your own/another’s startup during the fall semester (5th sem. BA / 3rd sem. MsC).

To apply for one of the 15 spots available in RISE you have to write a motivational letter, that includes:

  • Full name
  • Study line + semester
  • Short presentation of your idea
  • Why you should be in the programme
  • The format is 1 page max (attached as pdf)

How to apply

Send the application in pdf to programme manager Sophie at sbb.edu@cbs.dk

Deadline: 4th March 2019 at 12am. All applicants will get a response by Friday 8th of March.

If you want to read more about the modules and schedules in RISE, you can download our folder here.