Sweet Sneak Studio – from pop-up bakery to creative food studio

October 7, 2016

Sweet Sneak Studio is a creative food agency using the power of food to create memorable experiences. More specifically, our range of services includes branding through food, content creation such as food photography and styling, or cake experiences such as a full wedding set-up or tailored concepts to strengthen brands of any kind. The Studio’s co-founders are five young women, originally from Germany and Austria, who met through their Master Studies at Copenhagen Business School (Management of Creative Business processes).


Our entrepreneurial story begins with a little fox called Finley. Finley has a sweet tooth and loves to invite all his friends for hygge, coffee and the most delicious cakes, all of which enjoyed in the most delightful company one could wish for. Every time, Finley would come up with a new and unexpected location, letting his guests ‚sneak’ in and enjoy an abundance of sweet treats. These happenings became known as the ever-wandering Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery, a series of events that would celebrate the delightful experience of enjoying the most tasteful cakes in company of lovely people. Each time, the location would be different, only being announced the day before the event. The cake set-up would be different, too – depending on the season, the colour concept, or the location itself, integrating its surroundings and thus being of an ever-evolving and surprising nature.


Everything about the Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery events was about exploring: The search of new locations, setting up a novel concept that would incorporate the place’s characteristics and possibilities – be it an art gallery, a private apartment, or a playground rooftop -, developing new recipes, and lastly, curating the cakes as well as the overall set-up on the aesthetic level.

All these explorative elements today establish the very core of what the initial pop-up events series have developed into: Sweet Sneak Studio, a creative food agency. The amazing part is: the process took place truly organically, one step leading to another quite naturally. Collaborations and experimenting with novel concepts had been an essential part of the pop-up format from the beginning. What was added with time advancing, were the dimensions, levels and formats we got the chance to use all these elements within. Today, Sweet Sneak Studio designs concepts that evolve along culinary experiences with a focus on events, communication strategies and visual work. More practically spoken: On a business level, we help companies strengthen their brand experience by using the power of food. On a private level, we help to make a special day or experience even more special, for instance by setting up a wedding. On a philosophical level, we seek to spread happiness through food. We are pop-up specialists, idea generators, concept creators, curators, storytellers, communicators, digital natives, networkers and make-it-happeners. Our scope of activities include events, content creation, food styling, photography and branding, among others – translating what we like to do into our daily business. To dive into the Sweet Sneak universe and follow what we are up to, check out www.sweetsneak.com or get inspired on www.instagram.com/sweetsneak_cph and www.instagram.com/sweetsneakstudio. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Next pop-up: in collaboration with Riddersalen and SLOW in their beautiful glass house next to Frederiksberg have on October 9th: billetto.dk/da/events/5-oclock-teawith-froeken-jensen.