​CSE is your community, your creative studio, your learning space, your trampoline.

Since 2007 CSE, has accumulated knowledge, experiences, and learnings on how to develop as a space for entrepreneurship. But in order to truly enable and unleash the transformative power of others we must be willing to transform ourselves. To explore across boundaries, to venture further, to connect, to share, to open.

Hence, CSE cannot work alone. We are connected to an entrepreneurial ecosystem of entrepreneurs, academics, employers and community partners (nationally as well as internationally). Together we must work to deliver transformational value through strengthening our learning environment, refining our pedagogical tools with academic research, broadening our portfolio of venture activities, and supporting personal development. ​

At CBS, we have a great desire to transform society with business. We believe that entrepreneurship plays a critical role in solving the grand challenges that we face as individuals and in organizations and society. Thus, we see it as our business at CSE to energize the collaborative attention around transformational entrepreneurship and bring that into action.​

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Our Team

Ashlea Wallington

Director (Maternity Leave)


Bettina Veneman

Project Lead & Change Agent

Christopher Trunk-Black

Senior Acceleration Program Manager

Gaia Balossi

Incubation Program Manager

Helen Hummel

Acceleration Coordinator

Martin Windsor

Multimedia Design Assistant

Metehan Gelgi

Platform & Data Analytics Assistant

Rosanna Sundgaard

Entrepreneurship Education Coordinator

Stephanie Clemente

Entrepreneurship Education Developer

Yohanna Gustafsson

Incubation Developer

Janie Tange

Project Lead and Case Coach

Hjalte Gutzon Børglum

Program Coordinator, Founder to Leader

Mirabay Romero Martinez

Events Project Lead

Tillie Johansson

Impact Developer

Olga Papadimitriou

Student Assistant

Mia Jung

Head of Leadership Development

Sandra Birch Møller

Partner Relations Manager

Kenneth Salomonsen

Head of Development

Sofie Bladt

Communications Manager




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2nd floor,
2000 Frederiksberg

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-16:00