You have the power to radically transform society through entrepreneurship, and we’re here to help.

At Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship you can join a thriving community of entrepreneurs and startups from universities around Denmark and the world. We welcome students from every discipline, which makes for a pretty awesome group of founders sharing ideas and building innovative new businesses. Based at Copenhagen Business School, we equip you with the tools to build your business and leadership mindset so you’re ready for growth.

We also get that it’s so much more than the business. Your startup is part of complex systems, communities and markets, which we will help you navigate. How? We take a systems perspective and collaborative tools for problem solving, plus we offer totally new approaches to entrepreneurial education and learning. At CSE we are all about taking transformational approaches to support early founders to create an ecosystem which makes a positive impact.

CSE is the platform that will help you get there and keep moving beyond. We will help you improve, expand, apply, build and develop your capabilities and build a truly transformational business for society, and for yourself. Sound good to you? Join us and see for yourself!

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