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Fall 2021

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Take an internship with a difference

  • Do you wish to get hands-on experience working in a startup – including your own?
  • Do you want to combine your entrepreneurship experience with your academic studies, developing your analytical AND practical skills?
  • Then do an internship in a startup! You can earn up to 15 ECTS credits for the internship elective.
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When can I do an internship in a startup with ECTS?

  • 5th semester on the bachelor’s degree.
  • 3rd semester on the master’s degree.
  • NB! On some study lines, internships are possible in the Spring/2nd semester on the master’s eg. E-business.
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Who can do an internship in a startup?

  • If you are a CBS bachelor or master student enrolled in the CSE Incubation Programme; Proof Programme.

    The ECTS credit transfer is a collaboration between CBS and CSE.

    If you are enrolled in a different university please check with your university if this is possible for you.
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How to Apply


option 1

Apply through the CBS elective course code ‘CSE ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME’ check if your study displays the elective on the ‘positive’ list of electives.


option 2

• Go to my.cbs
• Internship
• and read about how to apply for internship on your study programme.


option 3

• type “cse” in the search bar
• find your study to know if your study programme is offering the possibility to take an internship in a startup via CSE.

The startup must be approved by the CSE by being enrolled in the CSE PROOF PROGRAMME or be a CSE alumni company


–> INFORM CSE THAT YOU HAVE APPLIED TO THE INTERNSHIP BY FILLING OUT THIS FORM: https://podio.com/webforms/22863192/1758689  CBS will be your academic anchor. CSE will support you on the business side.


NB! This is not a structured teaching based course. This opportunity for an internship requires you to be ready to work independently and be able to structure your own time. You will grow your entrepreneurial skills as well as your project management competencies.

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what does an internship in a startup entail?

Alongside the work you are doing within the startup, you are expected to undertake the following:

Find a CBS Academic Supervisor

The student must find an academic supervisor from CBS and organize meetings with the supervisor during the internship period. To search for a relevant supervisor try EXPERTS@CBS or reach out to a favorite and relevant professor at CBS.

Attend Business Development Sessions

CSE will facilitate business development group sessions. This will be a great place to share insights within the entrepreneurial field, where you are at in your startup and learn from experienced startups and share your knowledge.


The student must maintain an ongoing reflection paper (agenda summary or logbook) that must contain weekly considerations of goals, challenges, action plans and progress. It can be used in the exam report as data to be included in the an appendix.

Students participating in the internship have the opportunity to avail of certain CSE services and offerings:

Possibility for external mentoring

The CSE staff will reach out to the CSE mentor corps network to match the student with an industry mentor if possible.

Office space at CSE

The student can use the CSE facilities together with all other CSE startups e.g. office space, meeting rooms, lawyer and IP rights advice, online community, accounting counseling, kitchen, printing area.

Important dates during the Internship with ECTS Fall 2020

Official KICK OFF: Monday 6th September from 2-4 pm Meet your fellow peers in other startups. Walk through of the offerings at CSE you can tap into during the internship. Get tips and tricks for the academic deliverable and academic internship report. The internship concludes on Wednesday 8 December.

Group Business Development Sessions

These sessions are by far the most popular and best thing about doing the internship in a startup at CSE. You will get the chance to meet the other interns in other startups. The sessions are focused on peer-to-peer learning and experiences. Sharing of stories – mostly with issues that are difficult or that you or your peers need help to solve. These sessions are a huge learning opportunity for you. Both in skills, network, experiences and will help you move forward in your startup.

Final exam and deadlines

Details concerning exam form, CBS academic supervisor hours and requirements concerning the academic exam report will differ across study programs. It is the students’ responsibility to know the specific requirements for their own study, including hand-in deadlines, re-exam deadlines, and process in case of illness.

Typically, the academic deliverable will be in the form of a 20-30 pages exam assignment integrating both theoretical components and a practical application linked to the internship.

Use MY.CBS.DK regarding internship rules and regulations for you

Read the CBS COURSE CATALOGUE to understand what you need to hand in Exam date use DIGITAL EXAM For more information contact CSE: info.cse@cbs.dk.