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Internships are becoming increasingly popular as a part of students’ educational activities. Consequently, universities and other educational institutions are increasingly seeking to offer internships as an integrated part of their study programs. Some study boards have embraced this by granting ECTS points for students that complete an internship.

There is a growing interest among students to engage in entrepreneurship activities and establish their own company while enrolled in their study program. CSE has recognized the need to meet a new demand among students to take an internship in their own company. To fulfil this need, CSE has, in collaboration with various study boards, designed a program that allows for this possibility.

Study boards have been reserved to allow for this possible study activity for good reasons. It is not without problems since it would entail that the students themselves would sign papers which certify their study activities. CSE will oversee that the students have been working in the internship and have fulfilled the set criteria for doing an internship in own company.

The objective of the internship is to give students the opportunity to work on new innovative ideas and business models, and to apply entrepreneurship and innovation theory in practice.


INTERNSHIP requirements


The possibility of doing an internship in your own startup is offered by some study boards in collaboration with CSE. To be eligible for doing an internship in your own company, several requirements must be met by the student and the company. Among these requirements are:

* The student must have an established company (startup) that they are working on
* The company has to be enrolled in the CSE Proof Program and thereby be formally affiliated with CSE
* The student must establish a plan for the internship which specifies the purpose and goals of the internship
* The student must set individual learning objectives that match the purpose and goals of the internship
* The student has to find an academic supervisor that can supervise the academic activities and deliverables

Not all study boards offer this type of internship. CSE is continuously seeking to have the internship approved by more study boards.

Further to the general requirements outlined above there may be additional requirements depending on your specific study programme. Please check with your study board whether this is an option for you before starting the process.

Details concerning exam form, supervisor hours available and requirements concerning the academic exam report may differ across study programmes. Please check with your study board.

For more information contact CSE, att.: Britta Ravn Bjerglund brb.edu@cbs.dk

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How to apply

Not all study boards offer this type of internship. There may be additional requirements depending on your specific study programme.
NB! Some study boards offer this internship as an elective in the course catalogue for other studies you will have to apply via the regular internship deadlines.
You can check the positive/negative list of electives for your study to quickly see if your study board have chosen to offer the internship as an elective.


For CBS students please check with your study board.
Are you enrolled in another Danish university, and are you interested in applying for the program? Please contact Britta Ravn, brb.edu@cbs.dk for further information, whether your university will accept the CSE Entrepreneurship Program as credit-bearing.


Next round will be in Fall 2018.