What is Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship? CSE is an entrepreneurial organization with student incubator programmes, accelerator/growth programmes, entrepreneurial events and workshops rooted at Copenhagen Business School. Open for all students and recent graduates from all universities from all over the world. We welcome all industries and have ‘business’ as our focus. Programmes are free and we do not take equity.

We are the largest student entrepreneurship community in Denmark housing more than 130 startups each year. The startups are mostly cross-disciplinary and since the foundation of CSE in 2007, we have had more than 90 nationalities through the programmes. CSE supports student entrepreneurs in becoming business-ready for a society undergoing rapid development and change. We wish to develop skilled, young professionals who can build sustainable and viable businesses and innovative environments in the society.

The team

Karina Rothoff Brix



+45 6177 2147

Proof & Ideation

Mads Løntoft

Head of Proof Program

Proof Programme & Education


Jakub Rubinowski

Business Developer

Proof Programme


Sophie Bech

Business Developer

Proof Programme & Internship with ECTS


Natasja Bjørklund

Programme Coordinator

Go Grow and Proof


International Growth

Dorthea Haldrup

Head of Acceleration

Go Grow


Claus Birkedal

Project Manager

Digital Growth Path


Lena Marijke

Project Coordinator

Digital Growth Path


Cristina Meléndez

Project Coordinator

E-learning Accelerator & Design


Communication & Business relations

Shana Baban

Project Manager

CBS StartUp & CBS Entrepreneurial Day


Farhad Rasouli

Business Relations Manager

Collaboration & Mentors


Kathrine Fogh Albertsen

Project Manager

CBS Entrepreneurial Day


Karen Ayerve

Communication Assistant

Social Media & Communication Assistant


Andrés Cerdeira

Visual Communication Assistant

Design & Visual Communication


Christoffer Kühnel

Communications & Events Assistant

CBS Startup Communications & Planning


Naya Spellerberg

Communication Assitant

Social Media & Communication Assistant


Find Us Here!

Porcelænshaven 26, 2nd floor, 2000 Frederiksberg

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-16:00

Phone number: +45 38153646

Resources & Research

Recommended resources

here is a vast body of ressources and litterature available regarding entrepreneurship. To stay updated on the most recent CBS research in the area, please have a look at


You are always welcome to reach out to us for more specific suggestions or contact within CBS.

Research at CBS

CBS is an internationally leading institution for entrepreneurship research. CSE supports professors and PhD fellows in implementing entrepreneurship in traditional/new courses. We are always excited to assist in developing practical ways of teaching entrepreneurship.

  • CSE’s Academic Director, Toke Reichstein, Professor at CBS
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