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Are you a CBS bachelor’s student and interested in representing CBS in international case competitions?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained during your studies at CBS.
CBS International Case Teams is a programme for undergraduate students with an interest in:

Strategy, technology, innovation, marketing, communications, finance, supply chain, sustainability, organisation, and people development.

We encourage students from all study programmes to apply - previous case experience is not a requirement. CBS' case programme is a great learning journey with intense training prior to your first international competition.

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You will develop

  • The ability to find solutions to complex business issues
  • An innovative, data-driven and structured mindset
  • A solid business understanding and cultural awareness
  • The ability to collaborate and perform in a time-sensitive setting
  • Significant presentation and storytelling skills

The next application phase is Spring 2024.

CBS has participated in international case competitions for 20+ years. We're incredibly proud of the results our students bring home to CBS. We field teams at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Besides CBS' own competition, CBS Case Competition, we participate in competitions at universities all over the world. A case competition comes in many forms. However, it’s usually a week of case tasks and social activities organised by the home university for a selected number of international student teams.

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Are you a student with an interest in:

Technology, HR, marketing, communications, finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, supply chain, sustainability, or project management?

In the Spring of 2021, CBS – together with Deloitte – launched a new extracurricular programme which motivated 64 students, companies, and friends to build up all the tools that are needed to navigate the constant change of life - CHANGE21.

We currently have 64 students enrolled in the programme and will run it again in the spring of 2024.

Students from all Danish universities can join the program.


What is CHANGE21?

CHANGE21 is a learning journey with 2 fun, challenging and educational sessions held over the course of 5 days in January and March 2023.

Students from all Danish universities can join the programme.

Students will get to meet new people with other ideas, learn how to make mistakes with their heads held high, meet professionals to enhance their network, get tools for future challenges in both work and personal life and finally an experience of a lifetime.

We are involving real-life companies to test new tools – a case competition format will be included in over half the sessions. This brings excitement, authenticity, and a sense of urgency to the programme. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained during your studies by joining CHANGE21.

Last year over 100 students can showcase their diplomas for completion of the program, showing off their new competencies, and putting them apart from the rest – will you be a part of next year’s programme?

We encourage Bachelor students in their last year and Master students from all Danish universities and study programmes to apply.