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What do you get in the Incubation set-up?

When you have applied and have been accepted into Incubation, you are free to use all of our facilities and offers; office space, lawyer- and accounting services and you can join our workshops. 

From experience, the high-quality value your startup gains are found in the network with the other startups at the office – the more time you spend at CSE, the more you’ll get out of it. You can be a part of the CSE community as long as you’re a student (and up to 1 year after graduation)!​

Who can apply for Incubation?

Incubation is open for all students and recent graduates (max 1 year since graduation) from all universities in Denmark. We are open to all industries and have ‘business’ as our main focus. We have rolling admission - so just apply today!

Apply for Incubation and build your business. Apply now.

WE CAN HELP YOU ON YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY! You're welcome to bring your idea and stop by CSE to get feedback on your idea, learn about your next steps and learn more about us!