Green and sustainable transition is upon us. Young entrepreneurs are paving the way with new solutions to the major societal challenges we face. Entrepreneurs are increasingly requesting knowledge and know-how about new standards, laws, rules and tools. And generally, sparring on the implementation and development of sustainable solutions in their startups. Through this project, we aim to accelerate the development of advice and knowledge about sustainable solutions available to students.

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With this project, the ambition is to develop a strong knowledge base and a practical advisory tool that will bring the business development offered to students at Danish universities' incubation environments into the sustainable super league. Business developers at the universities' entrepreneurship centres are thus better equipped to support sustainable development in startups. Furthermore, experiences and results coming from this project will contribute to accelerating the anchoring and scaling of sustainable elements and knowledge in incubation environments. Ultimately, our ambition is that this effort and the communication surrounding it will lead to many new and more sustainable startups in Denmark, which are better equipped for future demands and expectations from investors, employees and customers.

For this project, CSE is partnering with The Kitchen (AU), DTU Skylab, Aalborg University (AAU) and Syddansk Universitet (SDU).

The project is funded by Otto Mønsteds Fond and Tuborgfondet.

For more information and potential collaboration, don’t hesitate to reach out to Impact Developer Tillie Johansson at